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3 Super Easy Hairstyles for 3b/3c Curly Hair | Bella Kurls Extensions | Ashley Bloomfield. Being in the middle of the type 3 spectrum means your curls could also have a mix of 3A, 3C, or, hell, even 2C (wavy/curly) textures, but don’t let that overwhelm you. ... My hair type is 3b/3c, shoulder length. Free Gifts: 1 Piece-Fashion Hairband 【Random Style】 Reward For Gifts; 1 Piece Pear Hair Clips (Random) off per US $0.00 Weight: 0.070 KG; Although it can be tempting to use the thickest, richest curl cream to stave off dryness, you’ll only end up with greasy residue. I put 3b/3c because I believe my hair falls somewhere in the middle. If you moisturize your 3C hair once a week and you haven’t been seeing any results, then you really shouldn’t be surprised. To help curb shrinkage from the start, Ursula suggests beginning your routine on dry, slightly picked-out hair (“You’ll already have the length, so it won’t shrink as much,” she says). 4A hair has the tightest, smallest coils—and sometimes curls, if you also have a few 3C sections like Ezi here does—that can just barely wrap around a crochet needle (we all have one of those, right?). I’ll be doing a dedicated post on how to do the curly girl routine … To keep all that moisture you just layered on your curls from evaporating throughout the day, finish with a mid-to-heavy oil, which acts like a sealant for your hair. I wash my hair about once a week and keep my hair up in a bun when I sleep. Using a shower brush I gently scrub at the roots and detangle down to the ends. My current routine is: ... It’s really important, especially now, to recognize that the curly hair movement only happened because the natural hair movement paved the way. Our easy-to-attach drawstring ponytail gives you more versatility and styling options for your everyday natural look or … US $56.95 US $75.93 25% off. ... My present routine: co-wash with Suave conditioner, ... but between washes I do absolutely nothing. I’m 16 and a guy and if anyone could recommend anything it would be very appreciated. Today I am going to be showing you my wash & go routine for curly hair! Throughout this journey I have learned many things about curls and based on them, these are my top 3 tips for curly hair: Avoid high heat. Jul 21, 2017 - I like big hair and I cannot lie Hello my loves & welcome back! June 2020. 3C hair is a curly hair type consisting of tight coils with volume, with lots of strands packed together to create texture. This texture has more of a "S"-shaped curl pattern, the curls are tighter than curly texture but looser than Afro kinky curly texture, can blend best with those who has 3b and 3c textures or whose texture is between 3b and 3c. A combo of creams, oils, and gels will maximize your corkscrew texture while keeping all the good, hair-healing moisture from escaping too quickly. Let me introduce you to Milica, a curly blogger from Serbia. Your hair can handle rich formulas, so load it up with a nourishing leave-in conditioner to start. Rake and smooth a dollop of cream through a small section of hair until it’s coated, then two-strand twist the section to the ends. The fade haircut has generally been catered to men with brief hair, but lately, people have actually been incorporating a high fade with medium or long hair … Heb je last van pluizig … By Sandra Monday, October 6, 2014 8comments General 3b, interview, routine Permalink 6. Type 3c hair tends to be higher in density and coarser than type 2 or 3 hair, giving it more volume. (Note: Although your cream will add a ton of moisture to your hair, you can start with your favorite leave-in if you have extra-dry, shrinkage-prone coils). 581. Some great brands such as As I Am, Giovanni and Pantene are all great. Now that you have a coat (or two) of moisture on your coils, lock in all the hydration with a layer of oil (try anything with a base of coconut, jojoba, avocado, mongongo, or Jamaican black castor oil). After I apply a leave-in I usually apply an oil like olive or coconut. I use all curly girl approved products and curly girl method styling techniques to enhance my 2b 2c 3a curly hair and reduce frizz. I decided to make a fun video demonstrating how I style in my curly hair routine and show you how I achieve hydrated and shiny curls. Rub a quarter-size dollop of curl cream between your hands and finger-rake it through your wet hair, making sure to cover your hairline, ends, and nape of your neck. To really lock in moisture and prevent shrinkage, try using an oil-based serum, which is a bit heavier than a traditional hair oil, says Ursula. And as long as your curls are still pretty wet, you won’t be encouraging a halo of frizz while you do it. Work section by section, scrunching carefully to avoid messing up your curl pattern. Luckily, an unofficially official guide to curls exists, and it’s basically the key to really, really good hair. If you include a bedtime hair-care routine it can do wonders for your curls. Make sure that your hair do not get tangled, to take care of this you can tie your hair tightly pulled all the way back and into a bun. Then with a bit of product still on your hands, twirl small sections of hair around your finger to define your curls, especially in sections that tend to look limp. listen to your hair's needs (does your hair feel dry, is it breaking? She prefers volume over definition and focuses on hair health vs length. So far, I co-wash everyday or every other day, and shampoo once a week. Aug 24, 2019 - Hello Beautiful & Welcome back! After squeezing the excess water from your sopping-wet curls, rub a quarter-size drop of leave-in between your hands and rake it through your hair, making sure to coat your ends and the bottom layers near the nape of your neck. More #ShortCurlyHair. So todays tutorial is super simple, but I just had to upload a tutorial using these hair extensions! Yes, that sounds all sorts of ominous, but it’s not (clearly, since you’ve been living your 3C life just fine up to this point). Ze begon haar curly journey na jaren lange ontkroes en relax acties. I Have Fine, High Porosity, Type 3b Curly Hair BY Devri Velázquez . As a second layer of protection against moisture loss (yes, we’re not playin’ around here), finish with a twisting cream, which contains emollients that’ll help hydrate and define your twists. These are … Instead, rake and smooth a curl milk (it’s like a lightweight leave-in that draws moisture into your curls all day) through your hair with your fingers, paying attention to your ends and hairline. Does anyone know how I can get my curly hair back. Meet Milica and read about her curly hair routine for 3b curls! sorry if the lighting changes i use natural lighting :) ... 3b Curly Hair Curly Hair Types Curly Hair Routine Colored Curly Hair Haircuts For Curly Hair Hair Care Routine Kid Hairstyles 3c Natural Hair Natural Hair Regimen. If your coils are on the coarser side and/or you experience a lot of shrinkage, try using a curl pudding, which tends to be heavier than a curl cream. hair is in a class of its own. MY CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | (3b/3c) August 2020. hope u guys enjoy this video as much as i enjoyed filming ittt!!! Yes, this will take you a hot second, but the end result is worth it. A lot of you guys have been asking for this, but from my last video... it didnt change much. I have 3B/3C curls and am having a hard time getting them detangled. Instead of shampoo, I co-wash by mixing my favorite moisturizing conditioner with water and gently massaging the scalp to remove build-up. Then with the excess oil on your hands, smooth them over your hairline. Like any other natural hair type, 3B hair craves moisture, although it may not need intense moisturization like type 4 natural hair.It has a coarse texture and demands the right hair care products to reduce frizz and add definition. Look 1: Staud top, Baublebar earrings; Look 2: Alice + Olivia top, L’agence pants, Shashi earrings; Look 3: 3.1 Phillip Lim top, Frame jeans, Ellie Vail earrings; Look 4: 3.1 Phillip Lim top and long sleeve; Monica Vinader earrings; Look 5: Cinq a Sept top, Jennifer Fisher earrings; Look 6: Sunday Riley top, Shashi earrings, Hair: Ursula Stephen, Hair Assistants: Mohan Jean-Mary and Amira Jannah; Makeup: Daniel Avilan, Makeup Assistant: Monica Nguyen; Nails: Kayo Higuchi, Nail Assistant: Ella Nguyen; Photographer: Ruben Chamorro; Models: Miyabi, Eileen Matias, Laís Felisardo, Ezinma (Ezi), Kristina Elise, Na’Jeen Michelle; Fashion Stylist: Kathy Lee; Senior Beauty Editor: Chloe Metzger; Creative Director: Abby Silverman; Senior Visuals Editor: Raydene Salinas Hansen; Visuals Editor/Production Assistant: Esther Faciane; Designer: John Francis; Cinematographer: Jennifer Cox; Editor: Olivia Akien; Production Assistant: Scott Kidwell, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. To avoid creating frizz, apply the oil using the praying-hands method (aka the clapping method): Rub a nickel-size drop of oil between your palms, clap them around a section of hair like you’re praying to the curl gods, and glide them down from roots to tips. So to simplify the process, we created the easiest routines for every texture (with the help of celeb hairstylist and legit curl pro Ursula Stephen) and broke down the best products to make it all happen. What are your favorite styling products and your curly hair routines? Nu omarmt ze haar gezonde mooie krullen. Hair Type: 3B/3C Mix Hair Texture: Fine/Medium Hair Density: Low Hair Porosity: Low Hair Length: SL (when curly) BSL (when stretched) Favorite Moisturizering Oils: Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil Visit My Blog Follow me on Instagram Fake it till you make it Hey Guys! This is my curly girl method routine for 2b 2c 3a hair. This thread is archived. I Have Fine, High Porosity, Type 3b Curly Hair BY Devri Velázquez . 4B (and C!) Curly Hair Tips .. To define your coils and get that perfect corkscrew shape, rub a quarter-size drop of gel between your hands and rake it through your hair, working on one quadrant at a time. CURLY HAIR ROUTINE 2020 *3B/3C* February 10, 2020 by Alannah. Clip your wet hair into sections (Kristina, here, separates hers into four quadrants) and rake a palmful of leave-in through each quadrant, unclipping and re-clipping as you work to keep your coils from drying out. I'm trying to sort out a hair regime but I don't know where to start. Rather than curling or coiling around themselves in an S pattern, 4B strands bend in a sharp, zigzagged Z shape. A safe temperature for curls is the equivalent of a hair dryer with a diffuser on low heat. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. After scrunching out the excess water from your sopping-wet hair, rub a quarter-size dollop of leave-in between your hands and finger-rake it through your curls, making sure to coat every layer evenly. There’s no uniform texture here—your 4B hair might be superfine while your best friend’s is super coarse—but your kinks and coils usually have the circumference of a spring in a ballpoint pen, or slightly wider. (For Defined 3B/3C Curls) Congratulations! Routine: Shampoo: Shea Moisture Low Porosity Shampoo Hi Jen, I totally get it, I’m a single mum with 2 young kids, both of whom have curly hair too. Chose a … Focus on the biggest characteristics of your hair type—dehydration and frizz—and layer on a cocktail of moisturizing and humidity-blocking products to enhance your curls and keep them healthy.

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