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You know something isn’t right? Most people have to do this multiple times for different issues, over a period of time and through various levels of vibrational consciousness. Around 18 years ago, during a profound spiritual awakening, the world around her shattered. It won’t feel the same as dying. First, imagine a color that doesn’t currently exist. Tenth dimensional beings are, in essence, the pure mixtures of the Great Yin and Yang. We think that the really of 4 dimensional be linked by the connection of space and time into spacetime continuum.and the transformations in fourth dimensions generate the left handed and right handed systems,,for that reason the universe through the opperatorPT combine in an Absolute symmetry left and right handed,but only possible in the 4D They tend to differ from non-human negative entities (below) in that they each have an individual soul. Whatever work you do, the key is to consciously bring your attention to your blockages. Trinity is the co-founder of the Openhand Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping facilitate the evolution of humankind and the global Ascension process. As soon as they are hungry, they push the button and slurp up the emotional nectar that begins to flow. Making you ill? Be inspired and supported by others (catalysts and empaths can highlight them in your field), yet know that you have to walk the path with your own two feet. It is the distortions of these that the entities feed off. Most of them have had some experience on the earth or on a plane of third dimensional vibration, so they have a realistically compassionate idea of what life is like. Feeding off you? To understand just how difficult it is to envision a world with a fourth spatial dimension, let’s use a couple comparisons. Since the 4th dimension is often associated with time, the user can potentially manifest temporal abilities. If so, please consider a donation to help the evolution of Wake Up World I’ve particularly noticed that those who have taken drugs or medication or do things that anaesthetise themselves (TV, alcohol, excessive video gaming) tend to have the biggest entity issues. It would see everything in our world. An Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Oklahoma State University, Segerman spoke to Duke students and faculty on visualizing 4-dimensional space as part of the PLUM lecture series on […] It’s a bit of a taboo subject in western culture; one of those subjects where people are a bit concerned about being labelled as ‘crazy’ or ‘Xfiles-ish’, so I felt inclined to break the ice and bring a bit of light to the subject. The next step is to know that entities are normal; most people have them in their field without realising it. Some people have a visual psychic ability that permeates into the 4th density and are able to ‘see’ them, reporting all sorts of descriptions, shapes and sizes. This Dimension of Thought has the ability to interpenetrate all of life, like a sort of etheric river of water. You are visiting the fourth dimension. With consciousness blasting drugs (psychedlics etc), it seems to be that a person goes from a normal state to having their awareness blasted open, missing several important and necessary evolutionary steps in between. They are just like us accept they are not incarnated while they are your guide. But we have difficulty seeing it as such because we can't knowingly manipulate it like we can with the first 3 dimensions (well, we sort of can by going really fast as objects that approach the speed of light will have a different timeframe then our own). It wants to co-exist without its host ever knowing it is there. Blaming others, anger, sense of victimisation,  paranoia, fear, guilt, feeling deprived, worry,  feeling sorry for yourself, bothered by being lonely,  self-depreciation, feeling unworthy/not good enough,  lack of motivation, insecurity, impatience, resentment,  jealousy, depression, feeling disgusted, neediness,  feeling unappreciated, feeling irritated, feeling trapped,  head in the clouds, denial of darkness, avoidance of reality,  everything’s got to be perfect, controlling…. sex. There are three main types of entities; 1. We cannot replicate the 4th dimension mathematically, we cannot draw it or even describe it in words, it is more a world of the imagination. Fourth Dimensional Being. Next, try to come up with a way to describe the appearance of a … In essence, it’s only there because you allow it to be there. Since the 4th dimension is often associated with time, the user can potentially manifest temporal abilities. Release the trapped emotion; let go of the attachment to the emotion and there will be no place for an entity to attach to you. Keep in mind that 4th dimensional beings do not sit on white, puffy clouds in the ethers and chant 24 hours a day. It will be a blockage, a distortion or a button. Once you remove the food source – charged emotional distortions – then they have nothing to grasp onto and fall away. Some might find guided meditation helpful. Because denial and suppression of self also creates the ‘grey’ areas where they hide. It can work temporarily. If the 4th dimension is spatial, it really depends on how you want normal people to be 3 dimensional: You could imagine that every visible thing is from a 4-dimensional POV flat and glued to the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional world. People can and do remove entities, which sounds like an ideal solution. They may or may not incarnate again on earth but generally they have incarnated at least once before. No one else can do this for you. Manipulative ones often prey on psychic people who can ‘see’ beyond the veil, at which point it is common for controlling higher-dimensional beings to present themselves as ‘benevolent’. The 4th dimension is accessed through the heart, and it must first be wide open with 100% trust before the higher 5th-dimensional experience can fully blossom. The term ‘entity’ can be a bit confusing, so I’ll draw a brief outline before focusing on the entities that people usually mean. https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/4th-Dimensional_Physiology?oldid=1609233. adjusting to 4 th dimensional life. procreation. I just felt inclined to mention it, to distinguish the difference. Do you experience any of the emotions in the list below? Sound work, movement and any work that releases thwarted energy can all help if you are conscious whilst working with it. They home in on any emotional vulnerabilities and imbalances that a person has and tend to hook in a tentacle right on that touch point. Acknowledgement and acceptance is the first step to self-empowerment. At the time, she became engulfed in a white, universal, timeless, formless light until nothing else existed, other than the nameless truth at the core of all sentient beings. Your thoughts are … They do not have individual souls although they may act in individual ways. If you’ve been drawn to read this article then I imagine you have already experienced the challenges that having entities in your field might bring. The 4th acts much like a purifying filter, for it is the realm of the heart that is filled with love, oneness, and lightness. Look at specific spiritual work that helps you to honour and release distortions, inner tension or emotional blockages. This idea of a "fourth dimension" is somewhat based on the scientific concept of dimensions . This can last a long time completely unnoticed (years/lifetimes). To be a fifth dimensional being means to have increased awareness and to operate in life from your Soul essence. There is a huge ‘false-love-and-light’ movement in the spiritual world today, being totally manipulated and controlled by less than benevolent beings from this category. People commonly mention tentacles or hooks that leech on to a persons energy field. User with this ability either is or can transform into a 4th dimensional making them superior to those who are three dimensional. User with this ability either is or can transform into a 4th dimensional making them superior to those who are three dimensional. User with this ability either is or can transform into a fifth dimensional being, a being existing beyond the normal four (height, width, length, and time) dimensions, and in the fifth dimension of space-time. Superpower Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. They have a collective group soul and consciousness and exist as part of a hive consciousness. 4 th dimensional food. They farm their food – emotions – in the same way that human beings farm cattle. Variation of Dimensional Entity Physiology. Yeshua: You can visit the fourth dimension, and that is what you do when you dream. They are usually attached to form by fear of loss. Regardless of your existing knowledge of science, a fourth dimension of space is a very difficult concept to grasp. Indeed using this “Opposing Consciousness” as a mirror to your own limitation, is a powerful path to mastery. They behave as if they were infinitely hot. They sometimes have an interest in engaging with 3rd density beings, such as humans. It’s also vitally important that we don’t deny the emotion. This is referred to as the Interdimensional Hypothesis (IDH). Or you can ascend, where you go into the fourth dimension and don’t come back into the third dimension, unless you choose to visit the third dimension from the fourth dimension. I thought it might be helpful to record a meditation that specifically deals with the release of inner blockages in order to cleanse your field of entities. the aged. What we’re looking for is the authentic – non-loaded – emotional expression of self, that which is aligned with the source. Their most common food source is emotional energy. sleep. If malevolent or manipulative in anyway, they can influence and over-power a person in a more sophisticated way than the non-human, negative entities. Remember that the key to releasing entities from your field is to release your own blockages, so that they don’t have anything to hook on to – anything else is just temporary.

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