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In God of War (2018), Nornir Chests are a type of collectible that are tracked in all the regions you can explore. The Nornir chest is at the end of the island after using a lever to open a gate. 1. Nornir Chest #5 [Rage Upgrade]: The fourth chest is located inside the Witch’s Cave. and you’ll reach a small, shrine-like structure. This Nornir chest is found in Alfheim and is located in an area to the right of where you first put the boat on the water. Legendary Chests of Alfheim Legendary Chest 28/35 Location: From the beach of the Light Elf Shore, enter the cave in the northwest and then destroy the root so that you can reach the other side of the chasm. Nornir Chest 8/22 Location : In the cave accessible from the mouth of the face carved into the stone. Nornir Rune Chest in Helheim is a puzzle to solve in God of War. Open the … Nornir s chests in Alfheim. [Question] Niflheim - Nornir Chest. Lock it with your axe and then go to the upper part to find the last rune on your right. The realm of Alfheim is home to four Nornir chests, both inside the Temple of Light and in the surrounding area. Location: Light Elf Sanctuary. The twist this time is that there are no runes on the bells you have to ring so you have to either guess, or keep reading. How these dwarves do it we are not sure, but Sigrid will just say its "Magic". Finally, go back to the light bridge and look to the left to find the third and last mechanism. It contains the runic attack Njord's Tempest. You can access it after you get to Helheim with Atreus, after the Baldur boss battle. God of War – Nornir Chests of The Mountain. Opening : In this area, walk under the large bridge and walk up to the other end of the path. 3. When you can obtain: During the mission "The Light of Alfheim". Opening: From the beach, open the gate on the right and go to the other side, then head to the left to find the chest at the end of the corridor. loot is usually a legendary's important to note these chest will reoccur usually on every run if the arena.2nd nornir chest!-once you've visited back area (D on map), the 2nd nornir chest appears in section A.- memorize rune on front of chest. VIDEO: 00.52 - 1.40 . Then, take a left. It will drop a Fragmented Heart of Alfheim (enchantment) as well unique materials required for crafting the Ancient armor set. When you begin paddling the boat, stick to the right side of the area to come across a beach with three vines on the left and a path on the right. Faites correspondre celui au-dessus de la poitrine à la rune “E”, redescendez et appuyez sur l’autre mécanisme pour faire correspondre la rune “D”. ivaldis. Here you will have to hit the bell just to the left of the chest, the one on its right and finally, the bell above the entrance. At home base, take a screenshot of the runes on the Nornir chest, and then hit the PS4 button on your controller to return to the main menu. Location: Near the Shop of Sindri that is located near the corpse of Hraezlyr. This Nornir Chest is found very early in the game, as you hunt for deer with Atreus. Location: Above the main gate of the castle.Accessible from the secret passage located behind the throne. Bugged nornir chest? The chest is behind a door blocked by a glowing vine. God of War – Nornir Chests of Alfheim. 10: Alfheim Ringed Temple Trench. Break the seal in the Hidden Chamber to the right after using the lift. At the end of the path, there’s a Nornir chest. Some make a sound and some don’t. Legendary Chest #2: This chest is in the same room where you fought the Stone Ancient. First thing, work your way up to one of the legendary (orange) armors. Received: Horn of Blood Mead. When you can obtain: During the mission "The Light of Alfheim". Then, move to the end of the tunnel to find the chest. But first, you need the wind. Head to the right and turn the crank, then hop across the gap and through the metal gate that you’ve now raised. This Nornir chest is found in Alfheim and is located in an area to the right of the main temple. Ce Nornir Chest a des runes à proximité sur des mécanismes étranges à proximité avec des panneaux que vous pouvez frapper avec votre hache pour changer l’apparence de la rune. To the west is a Nornir Treasure Chest which contains another Horn of Blood Mead #3. God of War: Niflheim Nornir Chests (Niflheim Guide) - YouTube They’re not too hard to find, but it can prove to be a problem. This will increase our rage meter. seriously.- 2nd type has paddles runes in sections in the cliffs- found in both B and C sections- not timed- usually an epic enchantment inside,- both chests respawn on each run. Nornir Chest 18/22. I found most (if not, all) in B\u0026C.For the 1st the of nornir chest, blue rune bells appear around the cliffs, these are timed. Here's how to find and open every Nornir chest in the game. Archived [Question] Niflheim - Nornir Chest. Then blow up the obstacles and look to the right to find the first rune. They aren’t marked with runes like usual. Opening: First, grab a shatter crystal near the bridge and return to the corridor behind you. Moreover, this chest is the only one to propose a random aspect in the location of the runes to destroy. But when you do the Nornir chest is in the centre of the area. You'll see the the Nornir Chest as soon as you dock at Lookout Tower, south east in the Lake of Nine. From there, cross the bridge nearby and look at the top left to find the first mechanism. Once done, move towards the chest and look at the wall behind it to discover the runes to activate. I screwed myself over with one of the horns of blood mead in Helheim. The three bells are encased in spikes, which must be lowered to ring. There is a Nornir Chest here that has consistently appeared that exact same location. It will also let us activate it at the first bar while installing a smaller second bar for extra rage! In God of War Alfehim region I came across a Rune chest puzzle, or Nornir chest as the game calls it, that really had me searching for those runes to destroy. This section of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Nornir Chests of The Mountain. Then turn left and destroy the planks to activate the light bridge. Nornir Chest 12 – Alfheim: Lake of Light. So I'm in Niflheim, and I'm at the first area. When you can obtain: During the mission "The Light of Alfheim". You can then step back a little and look below to find the second one. Opening the Helheim Nornir Rune Chest requires you to destroy three rune stones hidden in the vicinity. Commentary: You must hit three bells to open the chest. Posted by 2 years ago. We can also meet Sigird again here as this is the second shop in Alfheim. Location: In the cave accessible from the mouth of the face carved into the stone. Opening: In this area, walk under the large bridge and walk up to the other end of the path. write down or screenshot. Go to the big gate near the dock, drop hit and use your axe to break the plants inside in one shot. Continue through the trench until you reach a place where a control lowers the floor. Row to the east of the map, to the dock called Light Elf Sanctuary. Nornir Chest 9. Wildwoods. The Nornir chest is on the left of the area. Close. The first Nornir chest serves as a nice introduction to how exactly these sealed chests work and you’ll find it in the very first area of the game, Wildwoods. Nornir Chest 16/22.

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