bank of baroda international debit card charges


Rs. Opening accounts with restrictive operations, Current, Cash Credit, Over Draft Account One time at the time of acceptance of instruction or at the time of modification, Allowing operations in an a/c through a) Power of Attorney b) Mandate. We offer wide range of debit cards to suit your growing requirements and lifestyle. The Bank of Baroda Assure Platinum Credit card is an international card which is accepted by all the ATMs located worldwide. 2,00,000/- per day from ATM. Higher Service charges for non customers of the Bank. Import bill (not under LC) drawn in rupees and in foreign currency on which bank earns no exchange benefit. 1000.00 – Maximum of Rs. For each export bill sent for collection against which advance payment already received. 18.00% ( at present ) of service charges will be levied extra on these service charges. Hot-listing of card. 4 crore, then charge will be @ 0.18% on entire amount.). Commission in respect of Bid Bonds: Commission for issuing bid bonds for supplies to projects carried out abroad shall be recovered to the extent of 25% thereof for the full period of validity of the bonds at the time of issue. 500 (whether in full or part thereof)                              Where usance drafts are to be accepted, acceptance commission @ 0.10% p.m. to be charged; Min. Upto Rs. 75. Member banks (100 plus) of National Financial Switch having more than 1,18,000+ ATMs in the country. b) All Credit Card & International Debit Card and other card transactions: As per Bank policy subject to change from time to time. ... CreditMantri was created … 0.085% per month for the tenor of bills subject to minimum of 0.25%. I would like to link our savings account to the debit card also. where no LC is opened. Our Debit cards work in all POS/ATMs that show the VISA logos all around the world. Visa Classic Debit Card is an ideal choice for your requirement of performance, simplicity, flexibility. Bank of Baroda Debit Cards postage/courier/SWIFT/taxes etc. Approval for extension of due date (Other than Applicable normal charges), -Extension of due date up to 270 days from shipping bill date – Nil -Extension of due date beyond 270 days from shipping bill date – Rs.1000/- per extension, Approval for write-off of export bills (Other than overdue charges), -Write-off of export bills against Bank charges- Nil -Self Write-off of export bill by exporter- Nil -Others- Rs.1000 per shipping bill, Late submission of documents (after 21 days from the date of shipment) (Other than normal applicable charges for collection and overdue), -Submission of documents beyond 30 days and up to 3 months - Rs.100 per shipping bill -Submission of documents beyond 3 months - Rs.500 per shipping bill. 15000.00. Platinum Premier Debit Card. reimbursed to be recovered. 350/Lakh or part thereof Cap for Priority Sector Rs. Where the inward remittance has to be executed in foreign currency by issuing a demand draft/ mail transfer/ payment order/ telegraphic transfer commission shall be recovered from beneficiary/ beneficairy’s bank as the case may be. RFC (Domestic) Account - for Resident Indians, Resident Foreign Currency A/c - for NRIs returning to India for settling in India, Foreign Currency Linked Rupee Deposits (FCLRD) Scheme, Rupee Linked Foreign currency Deposit(RLFCD) scheme for NRIs, Loans/Overdrafts Against Security of Non-Resident (RUPEE) Fixed Deposits, Loans Against FCNR (B) Deposits in Rupees, Loan Against FCNR (B) Deposits in Foreign Currency in India, Baroda Basic Savings Account Apply Online, Attractive offers on activation and usage. 100.00 per shipping bill to be charged if the more than one shipping bill is submitted under a single export bill.). 50,000/- per day from ATM, Purchase limit of Rs 1,00,000/- per day (POS), Maximum per transaction limit of Rs 2,000 for offline purchase. Rs. 200/- per instrument + Out of pocket expenses, Last Updated on: 3/11/2020Visitors: 40,41,06,100, Copyright © 2017 Bank of Baroda. Rs 200/- Note: Postage/courier is to be recovered on actual basis in higher multiple of Rs 5/-. Where the inward remittance has to be paid in foreign currency by way of a Demand Draft/ Mail Transfer/ Payment Order/ Telegraphic Transfer, Discontinued. 5 cr and upto Rs. All above charges are exclusive of SWIFT and courier charges. Note: Charges will be recovered as mentioned above on the basis of LC amount coming under the particular slab. 25000.00. Individual: ( SB, Time deposits) Rural/Semi urban  branches , Senior Citizen and Pensioners at any branch   Rs 75/- per Duplicate Passbook/statement with latest Balance only. Rs. Cash Handling charges. Member banks of National Financial Switch having more than 1, 18,000+ ATMs in the country. Commission for issuing bid bonds for supplies connected with deemed export/direct exports other than project exports shall be recovered to the extent of 25% thereof for the full period of validity of the bonds at the time of issue. (leave blank if not applicable) issued to me and linked to the account. The debit card of Bank of Baroda can be applied online or by visiting the nearest branch of the bank. Get 6 months FitPass pro membership worth ₹15000 as the welcome benefit on the Bank of Baroda Credit Card. 75. 500 b) if not parted with – Rs. Discrepancy fee: 0.15% Min. Foreign Currency Non Resident (B) Term Deposit. 1500.00), (Min. The fee for withdrawal of cash at international ATMs will be 3.0% of the amount of transaction which would be subjected to a minimum amount of Rs.300/-. Rs.10000/- . Rs. The bank has rolled out a range of digital products such as Debit Cards, Baroda M Connect Plus, Baroda Connect and Baroda FASTag under the umbrella campaign, 'Khushiyon Ka Remote Control'. (A) Charges for TEV study (when report is not shared with the customer), Up to Rs. Contactless transactions up to Rs. Else flat – Rs 50/-, Collection of Bills (Clean / Doc.-Demand & Usance), Rs 12- Per  Rs 1000/- or part thereof subject to Minimum  Rs  100/-, Rs 11/- per  Rs  1000/- or part thereof subject to Minimum Rs  1200/-, Rs 10/- per Rs 1000/- Min. You can … Mortgage creation charges as mentioned above will be recovered separately for Retail Loans, except Education Loans and Home Loans/ Home Improvement Loan and Top-up Loan.The charge specified is applicable per instance irrespective of the number of title deeds. 150/- per transaction. MasterCard Platinum, a platinum choice for our premium customers, is envisaged to meet their requirement of higher spend/cash withdrawal. Enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchasing power without the fear of overdrawing your account. 2000.00) - For LC amount exceeding INR 5.00 crore commission @ 0.40% p.a. Name of the Branch My/Our Account Type Account Number I have an ATM card no. 15,000/- Above Rs. For other service charges related queries, please refer to Debit Card section on our Bank’s website. Based on the details entered in the online registration form, a brief suitability analysis will be conducted and the list of debit cards which are ideal for the customer will be listed out. 0.50% Minimum: Rs 1000/- Maximum: Upto Rs 5.00 Crores: Rs 2.00 lakhs Above Rs 5.00 Crores and upto Rs 10.00 Crores: Rs 3.50 Lakhs Above Rs 10.00 Crores and upto Rs 20.00 Crores: Rs 5.00 Lakhs Above Rs 20.00 Crores: Rs 10.00 Lakhs, Upto Rs 1.00 Crores: Rs 5,000/- Above Rs 1.00 Crores upto Rs 10.00 Crores: Rs 15,000/- Above Rs 10.00 Crores: Rs 25,000/-, Home Loans: Rs 1,500 per deviation (Maximum Rs 5,000) Education Loan: Nil, Other Retail Loans: Rs 3,000 per deviation (Maximum Rs 10,000), Commitment Charges in Mortgage Loan and Traders Loan (Overdraft facilities only). Fitness Benefits . 5000/- Extension /Amendment of LC Rs. Key Benefits. Note: For purposes of levying charges under this Rule value of each enhancement will ordinarily be considered separately without adding it to the outstanding liability of the letter of credit. The charges on finance or interest are 3.25% per month which would be summed up to 39% per year. 10 crore - Rs. The card has been aimed to provide attractive offers and scheme in coordination with NPCI. 1 Crore - Rs. 1 April onwards. 2,000 can be done without PIN at POS. Yes, that’s right – this Bank of Baroda flight offer is applicable only if you are a new user. Bank of Baroda RuPay Debit Card Offers: * Cash withdrawal Rs. RuPay Platinum (Non-Personalised/Personalised) Other Charges                                                             A) Advising LCs (only where LC opening Bank and advising Banks are different), B) Confirmation of LC (only where LC opening Bank and confirming Bank are different), No Change For addition of confirmation, 0.20% p.m. for the period of validity and usance on the amount of LC, For each transfer Rs. Savings bank account: Metro-Urban After -30- leaves in a financial year charges @ Rs 4 per cheque leaf. Bank of Baroda Premier Credit Card Review . Change  of original instruction in respect of OBC/ IBC e.g. 50000 (charges to be recovered in addition to usual proc. If you have lost your debit card, Bank of Baroda will replace it at a fee of Rs.200. 100/- per instrument + Out of pocket expenses 2. 01.07.2020, Collection of outstation cheques (By sending cheques physically), Charges are mandated by RBI- At all branches. Where Bills are sent to other Banks or where instruments are returned unpaid, the date of reversal of the B.P. Charges for issuance of Bankers Certificate on behalf of contractor clients for participating in the Government tender. 750/-, However, for any amendment extending the validity of the letter of Credit beyond 3 month period, commission at the applicable rate shall be recovered. GST as applicable shall be borne by the Bank. For holding a debit card, the first year is free. For all banking services to non-customers of the Bank, service charges shall be 50% higher than the floor rates, across the board plus Taxes. Minimum quarterly average utilization of sanctioned limits should be 60%. Non Individual ( CA,CC, OD) For Letter of  Acknowledgement & Duplicate TDR  -  Rs 175/- (in Both cases) Individual (SB, other deposits), Rural/Semi urban  branches , Senior Citizen and Pensioners at any branch. on the balance amount of loan and for the residual period of prepayment except Retail Loan including Loan against Future Rent Receivables/Staff Loans. 3% of the amount withdrawn. For any part of the month, the period will be reckoned as full month. Schedule of Charges for Debit Cards . Charges applicable after first passbook. RuPay Platinum (Non-Personalised/Personalised) ; Card Replacement (Master /Visa/Rupay/Visa Vyapaar Business Card), Fee/Penalty for decline of Debit Card Trasnactions due to insufficient fund in the account (ONUS & OFFUS Transactions), NSDL Demat Account : Rs 10/- plus actual postage for every hundred securities or part thereof subject to maximum fee of Rs 5,00,000/- or a flat fee of Rs 10/- per certificate whichever is higher for NSDL Demat accounts. 5000.00 per project. Bank of Baroda Debit Card enables you to access Bank of Baroda Interconnected ATMs spread across major centres in the country, ATMs of member banks of National Financial Switch in India and multi million ATMs worldwide.

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