bellawood premium underlayment


Terrible customer service and THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WARRENTIES. Sound familiar? Their excuse for our problem was humidity! Thanks to all. This company is does not stand behind its product and their products are defective. store manager salesmen at L.L. ABSOLUTE ###!!! They have told me that they have mailed me a packet about and determined that the floor was buckling due to the "Environment". Two years ago I installed her floor and it looked great –for about 6 months! It was almost impossible to see the problem in the pictures anyway. ESPECIALLY on a once in lifetime expensive type of purchase. and were more than happy to take our money!!! were not a reliable good fix especially for a solid natural expensive wood flooring. Even though many companies have begun to phase out their solid hardwoods, Bellawood has actually expanded its solid hardwood line. Poor Customer care. Often, this translates to a substitute such as a wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring or laminate flooring. I had Bellawood Golden Teak installed in December 2008. Bellawood is the worst flooring I have every installed some much so that I will not install it for any customer and do not recommend it to anyone. Our professional installer said that he sees this all the time with Bellawood. I too am one to do thorough research on all potential purchases, on even something as inexpensive as good quality kitchen towels or countertop ovens! Total $3200.00 Some of the most effective include premium… One especially helpful feature of LL Flooring's site is the product availability indicator. Never, buy from this store, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions, They asked for many documents, but they didn't want to give funding to me. 100 Sq Ft. Dream Home Quiet Walk. The Bellawood Premium Underlayment offers a universal product usage. Yes, underlayment can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. ### attributed the floors buckling to guess what...humidity! I installed solid wood flooring over a slab, and have learned since that this is not an acceptable practice, but the store was only too happy to sell me the solid wood and the adhesive to put it down with! By the way, about a year after my mother floors began giving her so much trouble, her friend from Virginia called – Their Bellawood floors began to buckle and split too! We spend 10, 000.00 on this darn floor and it is horrible. I suggested not installing the last of it and eating the cost. It was found that the installer they recommened didn't use the correct nails. It was a pretty floor but it is very very poor quality. The judge suggested This is a manufacturing issue, but I am not hopeful after I see all these postings wih negative results. Soon after the Inspector hired buy lumber liquidators came out to the house and took some pictures and one small wood plank out of the 2400sq" installed, 2-3 weeks later he sent his results to their house, The findings were that the adhesive was not applied correctly and that L.L dose not cover for cupping of wood flooring. Lets just say, ALL laminate is better than Bellawood hardwood products, and considering what Bellawood charges, either go somewhere else, or buy laminate from a more reputable dealer than Bellawood front men. The flooring came in random lengths, with far too many short pieces. Where is the Better Business Bureau in all this? Bellawood is a manufacturer of hardwood floors for residential and commercial properties. ! We never had a problem with the Bruce floor downstairs, but from what we have already gone through I don't expect we will have any positive experiences from now on out. Bellawood is inexpensive. Our house is raised, & it is quite humid here. Would have been better off polishing the concrete and sealing it. I plan to complain to the BBB, and if that doesn't work to pursue legal action. we also uses a non intrusive humidity detector throughout many areas, all within good allowable amounts according to Mapei. This is a moisture barrier and adhesive in a one step application. They were so happy they created a Fan Page on Face book about the great work our company did, all was great until I received a call from the homeowners about 8 weeks after the install, they were saying that the wood had started to cup and was uneven throughout 75% of the house! Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. I'd be happy to join a class action suit. DONT BUY, I have installed floors for more than twenty years and I have never seen a poorer product than Bellawood Flooring. I asked about the influence of heat & moisture on the product and was reassured by the salesman that as long as I followed the instructions, the wood would hold up. They were built that way 100yrs. It looked beautiful until the beginning of June 2009. Bellawood Platinum Underlayment - 100 square feet per roll The Bellawood Platinum Underlayment offers a universal product usage. It also squeaks and cracks when we walk on it sometimes the sounds come from another area feet away from where we stepped, My daughter has Bruce hardwood and a few young children racing through the house never a mark or a creak. Their PAID endorsers (ty penningtong, etc;) are just that. Don't kid yourselves that your experience is isolated. We live in Delaware and have other flooring in our home that we installed in the downstairs. Please contact us at: It is time consumers engaged a class action lawsuit. I am a licensed General Contractor since 2008, I have been in the construction industry for over 15 years and we have installed wood flooring of many types and manufactures and never had any problems. My husband is extremely proficient with floor installation, building things etc. After all said they were still very set in their ways and after consulting with L.L. [email protected] We have 4 unopened BELLAWOOD Premium Underlayment 100 Sq Ft rolls for sale. You better stand behind your product and business or the people will share with others . What are the shipping options for underlayment? Their "crack" inspector told us it was an environmental/humidity issue and the warranty for 50 years was not valid. LL Flooring is a chain of retail flooring stores that sells a wide range of domestic and foreign woods, both solid flooring planks and engineered hardwoods. Some of the boards started chipping severly about a month after installation. I had a respected HardWood installer put them in. Homeowners had spent a total amount of $20, 819.00 That is after paying over $6000.00 for the wood! Again I am so glad I have a 50 year warranty on the finish! Before any of the planks were installed, I laid down a DOUBLE moisture barrier (It was my mom’s house). 7 Likes Share: Now let’s see … Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years.

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