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This baby blanket was made with under 3 balls of Bernat Baby Velvet. Bernat® Baby Velvet™ (10.5 oz/300 g; 492 yds/450 m) Main Color Cuddly Cloud (86018) 2 balls Contrast A Misty Gray (86016) 1 ball Contrast B Orchid Hush (86005) 1 ball. ***** *The pattern is written in US terms. Favorites Share your project photos with #MakeItWithMichaels. In this blanket I inserted the hook in between the stitches in the previous row, rather than in the top of the stitches like is shown in the video. Measurements: Gauge: 5 sts = 3.5″ Finished Size: Just under 36″ by 36″. One of the Prettiest Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns. November 21, 2019 . Close. Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern (pink gingham – free… December 29, 2019. Canada. Most importantly, you must pick the right crochet stitch for BERNAT Velvet Yarn. I must emphasize, the textured waffle stitch works great for this velvet yarn blanket. In conclusion, this a very easy pattern to use for a quick yet luxurious baby blanket. Search. All hdc stitches are worked into gap between stitches on previous row – NOT top of stitches. For this reason, crochet tighter than you will usually, check your work often and practice with BERNAT velvet … Bernat Softee Baby Yarn; Bernat Softee Chunky; Bernat Velvet Yarn; Bernat Free Patterns. Check back often as we are always adding new patterns. In response I would ask, ‘When was the last time you drew something?’ The answer is often something like, ‘When I was twelve’. I love the softest of the yarn it is even softer than Bernat Blanket Yarn. Free crocodile stitch baby blanket pattern. I know I’m not supposed to. Read on for my full Bernat Velvet yarn review as well as a free Girl’s Crochet Cardigan pattern. This warm and snuggly blanket softens with every washing. (Finished size 31 in. Therefore, if you’ve found some amazing velvet yarn colors, it is time to create an amazing crochet blanket. Learn how your comment data is processed. Baby Bear Hat. Just a note here~Don’t mean to sound negative~I have found that velvet yarn makes “worms.” Loops on the back side of what you are crocheting even if you are careful with your tension. I actually prefer it to the original, as a 5mm hook makes the perfect weight fabric, not too heavy for garments or blankets, and still holds a nice drape. The more I crochet with velvet yarns, the more I enjoy making things with them. I hope this explains my reasons. Sign In / Create Account. SIx Baby Gifts to Make with Fabric Scraps eBook, Buntings & Garlands – PDF Pattern & Instructions, Felt Hexagon Rug PDF Pattern & Instructions, The Lucky Draw Project Submission Guidelines, 25 Scrap Yarn Projects to use up all those bits of Leftover Yarn. I’ve named this crochet baby blanket pattern, ‘Bumble Stripes’ because the fuzziness of the yarn kind of reminds me of a cute little bumble bee’s backside. My Poppet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Article by Craft Mart. If you would like to one image to share a link to one of my posts go ahead, but please don't use them out of context or without credit. This is worked up in a super bulky yarn, which makes it quick to whip up. Free crochet baby blanket with cables pattern. Happy crocheting, that yarn is gorgeous! Most importantly, you can crochet this blanket using BERNAT velvet yarn in a weekend. As a matter of fact, that’s how I picked Velvet yarn in Misty Green from the clearance bin. First, the stitch uses one basic crochet stitch (DC-double crochet) with a simple twist; Second, waffle crochet stitch is reversible which makes it great for blankets; Third, crochet stitch is so simple that you can crochet this baby blanket very quickly; In conclusion, it works great with BERNAT velvet yarn and gives the blanket some texture and interest. For beginner level crocheters, the Crochet Bernat Velvet Stripes Blanket. Looking for free Bernat Baby Velvet Patterns? See all the things you can knit or crochet with Bernat Yarn. details. I also happen to have some balls of Baby Velvet so I’m excited about getting started. Grab some super bulky yarn and create a quick and easy baby gift. Yarn: Bernat Blanket Yarn. Get pattern. Looking for free Bernat Velvet Patterns? Bernat Baby Velvet is an 8ply DK weight yarn, slightly finer than the original Bernat Velvet which is more of a 10ply worsted weight yarn. ‘I can’t draw’, or ‘I wish I could draw’, are statements that I’ve heard often enough when the subject of art comes up in conversation. Herringbone Bernat Yarn Baby Blanket Will form a ridge behind the stitch. This Bernat Baby Velvet yarn review and free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern is … Under those circumstances, one of the common mistakes you’d see when crocheting with BERNAT velvet yarn is to see pulled strands of yarn. Furthermore, if you are looking for pastel colors, check also the line of BERNAT Baby Velvet yarns. (Credit : How to Download blanket velvet bernat velvet yarn crochet patterns: Click the download button the image you want and will open the new window where the image shown. (98 st), R2 – ch 2 turn, into the gaps between the stitches, work one hdc into each gap to the end. P. S. Didn’t remember that I had posted before. I actually crocheted quite a lot of this blanket while waiting for Emma to have her tutoring lessons at our local library. For this reason, crochet tighter than you will usually, check your work often and practice with BERNAT velvet yarn on a swatch before starting a project. Home Decor Bernat Velvet Yarn Pattern: Textured Baby Blanket. Bernat Yarn Free Patterns. You can just slide the stitches along to make the first row even. Crochet Hook: 12mm; Other: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Yarn Needle. Bernat Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. They couldn’t resist stroking the blanket and fuzzy yarn, and were quite delighted when I let them have a squeeze of the squishy yarn ball. On the corners, make 3sc into each corner stitch on every round. drop yellow yarn (98 st). Bernat Velvet is the most beautiful soft lush feeling yarn I have ever used. Here is a video demonstrating the stitch. Required fields are marked *. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Search Catalog Search. The colour range is mainly limited to pastels and neutrals, apart from this popping yellow (Joyful Gold), which I couldn’t resist. Skip to Main Content . #bernatvelvetyarn #velvetyarn #velvetyarnpattern #crochetwafflestitch. United Kingdom. Perfectly coloured natural shimmer. The blanket baby patterns below offer a little more challenge, but are well worth the reward and are very satisfying to crochet. Create spa-like bathroom oasis at home (inspirational ideas). After making a cardigan on my last velvet yarn project, I thought it would be fun to make a baby blanket this time. Canada. A soft chunky clouds pink and white blanket with a pretty pink variegated yarn. * Continue between * * (alternating DC & FPDC) to the end of the row. Ch 3 (represents 1st DC), turn. Ch 3, turn. Bernat Baby Velvet is the kind of yarn that starts to grow on you, once you work out its idiosyncrasies. Crochet Cuddly Stripes Baby Blanket Daisy Farm Crafts. Materials. Then right-click on the image and click "save as" to save it on your computer or laptop. Favorites Print Project. I have 2 reasons for using this method. Plus, it’s so easy even the newest crochet beginners can whip up this wonderful blanket in no time! Now I ’m twisting the worms and sewing them down. Ch 139 in Blissful Greige (or any odd number of chains to achieve the desired width). details. I knew it would make sense Yarnspirations has everything you need for a great project. It only has two stitches, half double and half double crochet together. Set up row grey yarn –  Make a chain 80cm (31.5″) long + 2 ch stitches, R1 – work 1 hdc into 3rd stitch in chain, then work 96 hdc around chain (not into chain stitches). Finally, DC into the 3rd stitch of the ch3 turning chain. Bernat Velvet Yarn. At least the thread doesn’t show. This is a synthetic yarn so heat will not shrink the yarn, probably on a low heat it will fluff up the yarn but not help with the worming situation in a positive way. But as long as you choose a pattern that suits the yarn, I think you’ll be a convert. United States. Finish with 4 rows of grey, then break off grey yarn. Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn – Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern There’s a new velvet yarn in town – Bernat Baby Velvet, a new 8ply yarn that is super soft to touch and is perfect for making crochet blankets. Adorably, on two separate occasions, I had small children wander up and watch as I was crocheting. Menu . This Bernat Baby Velvet yarn review and free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns. DIY Meal Planning Sticker Sheet with Cricut Joy, How to Monitor your Instagram Usage and find more time to Craft, Road Trippin’ – The Crafty Squirrel, Ballarat, I made a book! This 10 Ply yarn, which is made from [...] This 10 Ply yarn, which is made from [...] Bernat Blanket Patterns Bernat Baby Blanket Baby Afghan Crochet Blanket Yarn Knitted Baby Blankets Afghan Crochet Patterns Baby Afghans Yarn Inspiration Yarn Shop Menu. First of all, it is similar to a bottle brush in texture: one strong thread in the middle and a myriad of tiny little ‘bristles’ that create the velvet yarn strand. We carry a variety of Bernat Patterns with special permission from the manufacturer. I think the drier would create more friction and pull even more worms out. If the chain isn’t lose enough, the starting edge of the blanket ends up shorter than the top edge. Feel free to leave any questions or queries in the comment section below and I’ll answer as soon as practicable. You may also enjoy these Crochet Patterns: It you are using Bernat Baby Velvet for the first time, you may find it a little frustrating. To summarize, keep alternating colors and repeating rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn. Finally, weave in the tail ends. I love this pattern and the yarn I used for it. This video should explain it , starting at 4:45. Border: With yellow yarn, sc 3 times around the whole blanket. 1. So you could easily make more than one bunny from the same skein! We are passionate about learning something new every day and sharing it with our readers: innovative tiny house designs and layouts, new techniques for DIY acrylic pour painting, best crochet and knitting patterns, and gardening ideas. I also don’t understand “Slide them along chain so they are evenly spread and reach the end of the chain.” Now I remember why I stopped crocheting and started knitting. You can whip one of these up in a weekend using this free pattern. Its velvet texture doesn’t pill or shed, creating machine washable and dryable baby projects that are a joy to stitch. How to make DIY chunky knit blanket (arm... 12 Easy Homemade Valentine Day Decorations. stashes (933) pattern ideas. Colorful afghan to crochet with a granny stitch. If you are looking for some Bernat Blanket yarn crochet patterns you may like these ones too. First 2 ch in each row counts as 1 hdc. Learn More. The multicolored yarn used for this free crochet afghan pattern by Bernat makes this ideal for both baby boys and baby girls. First, DC into the first DC of the underlying row. United States. The baby blanket pattern uses just two crochet stitches. The yarn is called Bernat BABY Velvet after all! Furthermore, if you need a helpful graph of all crochet/knitted blanket sizes, you can find it HERE. Skip to Main Content. The velvet texture doesn’t pill or shed, making it machine washable and dryable. This Bernat Blanket Yarn crochet patterns using triple crochet stitches to form rows of puffy clouds. Turn after each row. I’m sure there’s an excellent reason for how you’re doing it in the pattern and I was wondering if you could explain? I made Emma a cardigan with the original Bernat Velvet yarn a few months ago, and after a few initial hiccups, it turned out really well. Add some texture for unique baby blanket crochet patterns like the ones below. Rest of the World. This simple single crochet blanket featuring Bernat Blanket Yarn is great for new crocheters… After knowing what to expect in regards to ‘worming’ with velvet yarns, I didn’t have any issues with this blanket project – picking the right stitches and hook size makes all the difference. Presenting Make in a Day – Crafts for Kids, a cardigan with the original Bernat Velvet yarn, 30 Amazing Halloween Costume Patterns to Knit & Crochet, Harlequin Crochet Slippers – Free Crochet Pattern, Christmas Tree Cookies – A Fun & Festive Biscuit Recipe. Bernat Yarn Free Patterns. I think I will write a blog post about it when I find some time. I just have one question about row 1. Accordingly, I’ve used H-8 5 mm crochet hook for this crochet baby blanket. To finish – break off yarn and weave in ends. Can this be adjusted to a larger size? * FPDC into the next stitch. You may experience order delays. Seed Stitch Bernat Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. Bernat Velvet Yarn Pattern-Textured Crochet Waffle Stitch; Crochet luxurious, soft, and cuddly baby blanket using Bernat velvet yarn with this easy blanket stitch and an easy crochet pattern. I searched for a youtube instruction on this, but there wasn’t any. Pram blankets make a great gift for any newborn, and I’ve designed this one to be a unisex style, which is super handy if you don’t know the baby’s gender ahead of time. Candy Cane Fabric Twine – Perfect for Christmas Gift Wrapping. The FPhdc stitch is what gives this blanket the raised ridged rows. Home Decor Learn acrylic pour painting techniques for your prettiest… October 18, 2019. Because the yarn is quite difficult to read (it’s hard to differentiate the stitches), I’ve worked the stitches into the gaps of the previous row instead of the top of each stitch. Worked flat back and forth. How to Crochet a Blanket using V-Stitch (Step-by-Step Tutorial) How to avoid mistakes. details. I hope that pattern makes sense. Thanks. You will work a fun cluster stitch to crochet this Swirly Whirly Blanket using fans of double crochet in two shades to create wheels of alternating stripes. projects (1103) comments (2) photos (3) editing ••• by knitzee. Gift the happy parents-to-be with your choice of … Viewing as a guest user. Switch to Pale Grey and repeat rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn in your second skein. Also, am I chaining 98 stitches in the foundation? Rest of the World. The yellow stripes really pop against the soft grey, and I’ve used an easy front post crochet stitch to give the stripes extra dimension. Made with super thick yarn by Bernat babies will love to snuggle and cuddle it. This easy baby blanket crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. *This post may contain affiliate links. Am really thinking of putting it in the dryer hoping that it would shrink the worms. Baby Velvet from Bernat. Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn Pattern | Use this luxuriously soft worsted weight yarn that is perfect for nursery projects to crochet the Twinkle Star Pillows. If you’re looking for a cozy winter baby blanket, then this is it. What am I missing? Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern for Super Bulky Yarn. United States. The Daily Drawing Project – Learn to Draw in Just 10 Minutes a Day, Feels lovely to work with and easy to crochet. Search Catalog Search. * Continue between * * (alternating DB & FPDC) to the end of the row. , Your email address will not be published. If you want something tight-knit for the intense cold weather then this velvet yarn crochet cardigan is the best thing… Blankets, Crochet Blanket Patterns, Crochet Patterns, Throws, Velvet I’ve loved working with Bernat Velvet yarn ever since it came out last year, but I was really excited when our friends at Yarnspirations sent us some Bernat Baby Velvet yarn to try out…it’s just as soft and amazing as the regular velvet, except it’s a little smaller weight and it’s more washable. Do a hdc stitch as normal. The stitch pattern combined with the super bulky yarn makes this a quick and easy baby blanket for the winter. In that case, check out some of our most popular crochet projects: Simple and easy crochet blanket tutorial (FREE Bernat blanket yarn pattern), One of the Prettiest Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns, How to Crochet a Blanket using V-Stitch (Step-by-Step Tutorial). It would be good to check every row. Yarnspirations has everything you need for a great project. As soon as the new range hit the shelves at American Yarns HQ, I popped in and picked a up a couple of balls to give it a try. We carry a variety of Bernat Patterns with special permission from the manufacturer. Sign In / Create Account. Close. Please do enjoy this free crochet pattern – Tag me on Instagram @mypoppetmakes if you make your own, I’d love to see it. I hope you will as well. Sign In Create Account. It’s heaven gliding through your fingers. United States. Bernat Baby Velvet yarn is available from View Supply List View Instructions Print Project. Search. Yarn: Bernat Baby Blanket (Super Bulky, #6; 100% Polyester; 10.5oz/300g; 220yds/201m) Color: Chick & Bunnies, 3 balls. Skip to the bottom of the post for my Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn Review final thoughts. Even though BERNAT velvet yarn is not the easiest to work with, at the same time it is so soft that it quickly became one of the favorite yarns for crochet aficionados for a cuddly blanket. x 41 in.) DC into 4th ch from the hook and then DC into each ch to the end of the row. The first thing to consider when you are picking a pattern and a hook to use is to keep in mind the structure of this yarn.

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