chelsea winter chocolate chip cookies


Cookies are cooled, children are in cookie heaven and proclaim them to be the best biscuits ever! Chelsea Sugar: I loved these cookies. This will help them not to spread so much while baking. Great recipe i'm 11 I always whip up this recipe they're chewy and really something to enjoy delicious thanks :). I found the recipe online, and then I opened my sugar tins to the same recipe, so I ended up with a much cleaner phone. I made 44 cookies with that recipe but they were either quite crunchy or crumbly. Our go-to recipe for biscuits. Uh so, it was a fail and thats all im gonna say. Everyone loves them. This recipe is great. Being someone who is new to baking, I was a bit confused through some of the steps and unfortunately my cookies turned out to be a flop. So awesome! I loved them and asked him where the recipe was from! Microwave in bursts of 15 seconds stirring in between each burst for 15 seconds until melted. Thanks :). It's a great easy to make recipe and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Simple and delicious. You guys always have awesome recipes! Chelsea Sugar: Preheat oven to 180°C. This was the quickest recipe for chewy chocolate chip biscuits I have ever come across! Absolutely delish! Sift flour, baking soda and salt together in a bowl and stir with a whisk to combine. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. Thank you Chelsea! It's a great recipe but I think there is a bit much sugar. I recommend to bake them half the time recommended. I am a 13 year old boy and I love baking. But still with that amount of sweetness id only give them 1/2 a cookie each. 1 teaspoon pure vanilla essence I didn't have any butter so I tried using margarine but it was like using half a container. They are simply perfect. Remove from the heat, and whisk in the sugar. so easy to make and taste great :), so amazingly gooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!! I make these cookies all the time and they are delicious. This recipe has a mountain of sugar and despite the assurances that they shouldn’t spread we ended up with one massive cookie. came out perfectly, i use this chocolate chip biscuit recipe all the time now. We haven't altered the recipe. The recipe was very easy to read. Best biscuits ever this is always my go to recipe and the batch makes enough for everyone. I'm 10 years old. Not a bad recipe. Really good recipe! OPTIONAL: Dip in chocolate: coarsely chop the last baking bar and place the chopped chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Tasty cookies but mine turned out crisp not chewy! I make them large and they go so crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle! MLB Team Cookies; NBA Team Cookies ; NFL Team Cookies; Corporate Gifts. I used Toblerone chocolate and they were delicious, didn't last long though as all the family couldn't resist them. I would not make them again with this recipe. Spoon the mixture in 2 tablespoon portions about 5cm apart on a baking tray lined with baking paper. I did all the steps correctly and flattened the cookies before putting them in the oven. Cheers! So quick and easy to make. Thanks so much for all your awesome recipes. What gluten free flour did u use? Very yummy and easy to make. It was way to much so I ended up giving over half away. I definitely recommend!! I found them even better with 3 cups of self raising flour instead of flour and baking powder :). A soft, very slightly under-baked cookie is the best for a delicious fudgy texture! I would like to thank all my fellow USA friends for inspiring me to make this beautiful American dish XOXO Josie. My fav is with chopped up Lindt Milk, Dark and white Choc with macadamia nuts :-). Great tasting chewy choc chip cookies made quick and easy. Such a great recipe I can see I will be adding this to my favourites list!! Thanks! Add the egg and mix until fluffy. This is honestly the best cookie recipe EVERRRRRRRR!! I'm 10 and love it. two, i was cooking on 200' and it still took way more that 10mins to bake. I'm sure they would have been nice otherwise but don't over-cream the butter and sugar. I have made them gf and df... yumyum! They are to die for – soft and chewy and warm out of the oven, pretty much heaven. Omg these are amazing!!! My family loves them. Amazing! I made these with my friend, and we both loved them! whatv flour do we use Thanks for a great recipe. They are also good for party's and to go in my packed lunch. Found took a little longer than stated time to cook, but, all ovens are not equal. Great - love how they cook from the freezer. Nice cookies, but I found that they didn't turn out chewy for my batch. :). OMG i just made these cookies for my coffee group, if they don't turn up soon there ins't going to be any left!!!!! Perfection! A family member suggested that I should have only softened the butter instead of melting it (as it makes it harder to cream), so I think you should be more clear on this step. because that's all I have. Am I the only one that likes the cookie dough better than the actual cookies? They just melt I'm my mouth. Thanks Chelsea. Nice chewy cookies though. Yummy thanks so much Chelsea I am struggling with what to bake these days as I'm gluten intolerant and my daughter and I are also dairy free. Makes the perfect chewy cookie if you only use 2 cups of flour. Could easily reduce the sugar amount as I could barely eat them for the sweetness, very nice and chewy but you do need to add an extra one to cups of flour or the mixture will be too wet. I usually just eat some of the dough when the cookies are being cooked. You’ve been added to our list and will receive our Baking Inspiration Newsletter. Thanks! I think they are amazing! Made this biscuit half the sugar. They are very good with milk and a perfect snack for school lunches. This recipe is actually one I got from my friend Dave Mckinnon. I replaced the choc chips with a 250gram block of Whittakers Dark Chocolate - smashing it pieces with a rolling pin. Good! Really nice, I put more vanilla essence than needed in them but they still taste lovely. These are my go to choco chip cookie recipe now. These cookies are amazing! Still yummy but not crisp like i would expect. So yum and I like to make them super thick :). Tasted great though, hence want to make them again. Chewy and delish! I have used it 5 times. I found the dough to be good but the taste was a little floury, perhaps I did not mix enough. They look NOTHING like the picture and aren't chewy. A very easy recipe for me to make in a rush, and for school. They tasted pretty good, not the best I've ever had but definitely good for the amount of effort. These turned out great but they could have a bit more flavour and they mad me feel sick but my family really enjoyed them. Normally i don't try other chocolate chip biccies as they don't compare to a good old traditional recipe I have. - Great cookies overall! It's like someone's been paid to sell more sugar. i didnt have brown sugar so i went without it, they are not good, i will be coming back when i get brown sugar though! SO yummy! I buy it at New World supermarkets, and it can be found at Countdown too. Great In sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this. They were OK, a bit hard but they were very yummy and chewy like advertised. I use 50/50 white and milk choolate bits. They tasted really nice with Whittaker's chocolate, you should give it a go. Lovely balance between chewy and a little crunchy on the outside. So good. So i tried it, and wow! Also quite sweet compared to other recipes but its nice. We called them cookie slice, they tasted better like that, bigger too. Mine ended up lightly golden around the edges and nice and thick, so I guess I got the butter temperature just right :D what did i do wrong T—T i worked hard on these. just keep baking until they look good to you. Kind of crunchy in my opinion also quite sweet compared to other recipes but its nice. Hey Chelsea, did you use raw brown sugar or the soft brown sugar for this recipie? So so good. But I added lemon to get more flavour and they were great! The sugar contributes to the texture in a way that flour cannot. I haven't made these yet I'm about 2 make 'em but they look flippin nice. They are so easy and quick and everybody loves them, Favourite biscuit recipe, a definite classic for me, This is the best chocolate chip recipe ever my husband loves it now I'm about to treat my mom a batch of this recipe. They were really yummy and soft!!! Sorry to hear this recipe did not work for you. I had mine with a bit of Nutella and it was really yummy. Or maybe that happens when they're undercooked? I found there are too many chocolate chips, it works better when I add 1 1/4 cups. Great we all loved the cookies they were nice soft and chewy.

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