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Hughes Industrial can help you source your replacement PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt to the exact length, width, edge, and splice. How to do-it-yourself instructional on changing the drive belt on an electric tumble dryer. Example, if you wear a size 36 pants, you would order a size 38 belt. �/��e6YՔ�c�gH{9.���\m�_ p�7\�����*Y����݆����Hj��{Qk�Q�u��/����4�%�$�82(��%+v��KN�2�NW�xJ�#��J6��7F��QZ9Y�b��RV�K֕�ێa��D��nJ��_{��ۦ����>�h�f��>����^y=ųi.U�StMdNtdm����N��u��? �Iば�)L��� �+� The sizes of openings for PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts range from 1x1mm to 6x6mm with different materials and colors available. All PTFE Mesh Dryer belts have an edging on the belt to help keep the belt square and possibly support a tracking guide. Fortunately, there are two ways you can size the replacement belt … Compare; Find My Store. This dryer drum belt (Whirlpool Dryer Belt, Drive Belt) has four ridges, three grooves and is 1/4" wide, and 92 1/4 inches in length. Click here for our Vbelt maintenance Tools. Align the dryer drum by insuring that it rest on the two lower wheels in back of the dryer. Carefully reattach the front panel. %äüöß Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Hughes Industrial can help you source your replacement PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt to the exact length, width, edge, and splice. ��1Z�߃E��ALO�6�cH+D�/�N�J��� �N�4[-�h��g�jVԒ�O6��o[2�1:3��������r�_���v� �4����g滄L���i���9O�����JA�]��^0$v( I�%� � �W��F�����E!X�K&��C�;�,3��5�m��@`Dl�����\���>�$?D�Le��V@�4\�P��7\��K���asl���v�*!���-�`B#�(���l$aEvƩ�r����5Fr53AHh�P&g�L�u��y�#ᜪA��R�jpc��Ǯ��P��_ԭ��4Y���ZO��\��!��Uh��pc;^C1��P�B?�e7^җ�J�Fw��ReA��@�I�(�I٬��:G�d��� �_��Y�,���]��My٪�Zҍ�O�͈��{�+�L%�\�~)\���� Item #2503538. PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts … Capacity. We have an experienced team available to make it easy to specify and order the optimal dryer belts for your machinery. Smart Choice Dryer Belt (Black) Item #224282. stream ft., although there are compact units available as small as 3.4 cu. Whirlpool Dryer Belt ( 1343 ) Size: Length 92-1/4", Width 1/4". The sizes of openings for PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts range from 1x1mm to 6x6mm with different materials and colors available. Compare. How To Read V-Belt Numbers Automotive belts start with either 4L (12.5mm wide) or 3L (9.5mm). Adjectives vary between manufacturers. WEN Handyman Dryer Drive Belt … Z�V�����.�M����g��'�Acb���k��"HUUsq�'[bW�u�hX�s�4�z��a�b���&�b��$|:����Mu)m�M*C�#��'��j�V�;�u4_O��1��V�Xe敞�0^�a)���P�U �6��ds�Њ�&6X_jڰ�6�ĥ�J[����>)��I�"F�~H�*vy��>w�b*-�N�Q,�� Place the new belt around the dryer drum, and then run the belt underneath the dryer and through the pulley as shown. $34.86 Special Order. for pricing and availability. $12.80 In-Stock. If you do not want to remove your screen printing dryer belt, use the “String Method.” Following this procedure to measure your screen printing conveyor tunnel dryer belt … Techbelt is a market leading manufacturer of PTFE dryer belts that suit a wide range of ovens and curing units. M401182P Speed Queen Dryer Drive Belt. These belts offer excellent release and heat resistance. Dryer Sizes. Edging on PTFE Mesh Dryer belts comes in a variety of options. �B�rz�w���$���GH� $14.60 In-Stock. $48.42 In-Stock. 4 rib.This belt fits most Whirlpool made dryers (Whirlpool, Kenmore with prefix 110, Roper, KitchenAid, and Estate). Map out a path. Jake Hughes October 27, 2017 Applications. Matching idler pulley … Click here or Select V-belt catogory to purchase our High Quality Low Price Vbelts including sizes 3L, 3V, 3VX, 5V,5VX,8V,A, AX, B, BX, C, CX & D . Available in selected sizes of Super HC and Hi-Power II belts. All custom belts are made to order. 3394652 Whirlpool Dryer Belt. Note: images for this step are shown … Enter your v-belt number to find your replacement belt Search: Search If you need any assistance with finding a belt or a cross reference, please give us a call at (888) 291-5450 or send us an email at … When you belt wears out, you might wonder how to size the belt for replacement. SEE OUR V-BELT SIZING PAGE FOR BELT DIMENSIONS. Add the front plastic guides to the front of the dryer drum. 131553800 Frigidaire Dryer Drum Belt. When finished, set the dryer … ��*ºx�*����Z�x��]�r�7��$�HC��f�������>ǩ�V��U$0/ww�����يj�^ߡ[����rH'֨���e��Cq���@/�b��ܸc�L�֥�z������1k��Dߧ9%��(��n�S�[��pzq��W�v�]��^b3�l0��qG%WD��ѡ�䮼�2 -e�.��v�0��A��%�y������Y[���1�����ٛ;.�����Z��qw6:dWғ�e��C���!�'��O�ZX��|�3����^`gz���״�]�gU]�T�M��0|:3�>J�P�׼���-m\�bq)j��(-������)U�:���(��� �����y�9dN�k�ɂ�2SK��P��m�fB��Qwa�t�ꤛξ�'�a�_O�56��I� %PDF-1.4 �:����=.���4C�%?�kA�H��� 56095 Maytag Dryer Cylinder Belt. Size: Length 92-1/4", Width 1/4". On special request, we can design and manufacture dryer belts … ���ƃ�ωT�p_6ؾ�m��+z�g���Ym��X@U>w��#)D[ʶz`Z���_*��y ��ޤa��ю�&!����q��,"dSC5���cF�H���;qT/ GUg��8�e �v-�O�V���`��?z���Z��}]���Cܨ��t�w���ķ�j��v����׉�'f9�e�wR *_]G#`�S��J��+z���$�É������?+��ſ/���LoCz)��P� ����J�θ�;.�XiI �_h�"����,G�jqX����+�V��e���_}���P?�_x���$_DAV2ȅ�Y,�X~k��TV$�{�y���K�j�o�-�� ݂�'� �ilfy��p� The most widely used method is to buy a belt that is 1-2" larger than your pants size, or as some say: ONE SIZE UP. Click to add item "Electric Dryer 6' Power Cord - 4 Wire" to the compare list. so you would have to go with a belt … Compare Click to add item "Electric Dryer 6' Power Cord - 4 Wire" to the compare list. PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts can come in the following coatings…. WEN Handyman Q-D0014 Dryer Drive Belt (OEM part number 6602-001655) $8.80 Fix it yourself with a WEN Handyman replacement part Guaranteed to replace any of the following part numbers: 935594, … Add To List Click to add item Electric Dryer 6' … Consider the cubic feet of the dryer and whether or not your king-size … Tracking guides are more common in longer belts, as they tend to “walk” more than shorter belts. The belt … Identified by a three-part symbol consisting of: (1) A standard length designation, (2) cross section (3) number of ribs. Hughes Industrial Sales provides dryer belts made of Open Mesh PTFE coated fiberglass. We custom design and produce all our belts in house at our 13000 square feet facility with specialist equipment that has been built by our in house engineering team.. The belt transfers the rotation of the motor to turn the drum. Replaces 5 rib (wider) belt. ; This is a genuine GE Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part Dryer drum drive belt is 89 ½ inches long with 4 ribs This dryer drive belt is a long, slender belt that wraps around the dryer … WE12M29 Dryer Drum Drive Belt Replace for WE12M22, 137292700, WE120122, WE12M0022, AP4565702, PS3408299, 134163500 Compatible with GE/Hotpoint (About 89-1/2 Inches Length) 4.6 … (u�hS粯�5{�S�.�h�3�6�������,M��:���Ȧ�����M��iC�6��L'�]c�Ù4b�)��k3�������n�,�[�╛�2��jG�g�8n�C Splice options Hughes Industrial Sales can offer for your replacement Dryer Belt are…, Some PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts have tracking guides to insure they run straight. PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts are available in different size openings and colors to suit your specific application. The number following it is the outside length of the belt in tenths of inches. Method 1. In order to install this kit, you will need a 1/4 inch nut driver, a long flat-blade … P,gnA�Ԥ�k If you aren’t sure what splice you have, please give us a call so we can help you choose the best possible splice. There are two methods to determine belt size. Example: The belt … Both belts, usually made of Kevlar and of a V-groove construction, vary greatly in length on just about every make and model. Applications include screen print and non-woven textile dryers, shrink wrap tunnels, heat setting of synthetic yarns and many more. ft.) to 8.3 cu. 2 0 obj ��~��C�U�Z�-|���]1I��#�Zѻ5"��Xr)�(�! '*!����+~:b���B-�]q5��Ab\�QgbH���B��2��wAiWS/&�@�:����. Hughes Industrial can make sure to get you the best splice needed for your belt based on your application. x��[Ko����W�C�,�Ar���9%��8��e�~����EaØ�HuuW}���I�#L�~��X��[���? It comes in black and is made of rubber. <> Measuring your dryer belt this way will give you an exact measurement to tell your screen print supplier. The main type of material that we use for these styles of dryer belts … The inside length of the belt is typically 2" less for a 4L belt, and 1-1/2” less for a 3L belt… These options are PTFE Film, Sealed Edge, Sewn and Sealed Edge, or Sewn Only edges. x���se��q����6(W��Tr��g��Q�\�; ��"���UK�ErhU*E0-���uV�d�`)5�Բ�� ��3�f7o���H�0��95�k Model #L304130401. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Don’t judge how much a dryer will hold by words like ""super capacity."" ('�l�6�B�0#O��n� qR ٱ��3,h� �W���R.�A����HTQ hE�k�Q3U���� K~�z3�=�Ɵ��8�*)��Zv&+I!M/��UN�O;�Ktu����re�?���Z4w��;��r�XG l���b�E�@���z(3�8�9m+��W�(I��ѳ2���d>BF�����48�l���i��a��ç��=|j� We do not make odd sizes (33, 35, 37, etc.) Tracking options Hughes Industrial Sales can supply you with are…. WE12X36P GE Dryer Belt… The idler pulley should apply tension to the belt. GE GE DRYER DRUM BELT. You Are Here: Home > A-1 Appliance > Dryer Parts > Belts - Dryer Belts It never fails- when most people first see the thin, little belt that does all the hard work of making a big, heavy drum of wet clothes spin for over an hour of intense heat during their dryers … ?��s��~~����8jV�eҋ:� f4��� ��t�L�o�0IiQP.�h&��J����9uT��e9�,�;�œ��?�,�2&ɬ�����i��鲚W��{x^�R�;/�J��>��yy;���'�QNo�~z%즷_�8�g!O ��:=�}�$��99��$� ���O8d ��p��d��x�1�ˉ+߿�ҐW��d �.�i(�Ч����p{;|F������ We supply these belts for use in extruded rubber production, too, when the application calls for open mesh dryer belts. WEN Handyman Dryer Belt (OEM Part Number 40111201) Model# Q-D0021 $ 14 59 $ 14 59. These dryer belts are designed to handle direct heat up to 500o F and because they are 70% open area, the design minimizes heat retention -- so your belt does not get as hot. ��".s�6�b� o�z6N�m;e�H�R�|v�f�%.\ᆖh)SЋ6�[Pl� Copyright © 2020 Hughes Industrial Sales |, Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Food Safety Audit Results When Working with Conveyors and Related Components, Reducing Process Costs of Cooked Products During Poultry Processing, Reducing PTFE Tape Consumption in Vinyl Window Manufacturing, Increasing Conveyor Belt Life for a Poultry Processor, Alligator Lace (with optional cover flap). Free delivery with $45 order. Figure out the best path of entry to your desired installation location, beginning at … Belts - Dryer Belts. 4L to A Belt … This dryer repair kit contains a multi rib dryer belt (P#661570), 4 drum support rollers, 1 idler assembly, 9 tri rings, and 1 washer. 4 rib.This belt fits most Whirlpool made dryers (Whirlpool, Kenmore with prefix 110, Roper, KitchenAid, and Estate). Your standard "full-size" dryers typically range from about 7.3 cubic feet (cu.

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