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No fingerprints. Sadly, for the past years FiiO forget about this segment and sincerely they You will also find the power supply for that 15V power input, easily outputting much more swing for better dynamics compared to many portable devices. Katalogové číslo: FI K5 Pro; EAN: 6953175710172; Výrobce: FiiO; Nový výkonný stolní sluchátkový zesilovač, nástupce úspěšného FiiO K5. The K3 will handle your portable needs, getting you balanced out for your 2.5mm balance terminated IEMs and runs on the USB power input. The K5 Pro is a fairly straight forward input/output system that does away … The K5 Pro is the first integrated desktop DAC/amplifier built by FiiO and it is the latest addition to their K series. The back panel houses all I/O jacks including Coaxial/Optical in, RCA line in/out and USB in. Hello, and welcome to Audiophile-Heaven! To add to the value / experience, it has a great build quality (since I smashed mine on concrete, and it still works without an issue), and it has a multi-purpose design, working both as a headphone DAC/AMP, but also as a desktop-class DAC that can give signal to go to your speakers. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in FiiO K5 PRO find their next music companion. Color Silver / Black D20 uses a toroidal transformer for a better power filtering, K5 PRO … For 150 USD, I am not sure you could have desired more, considering the tech inside. Alex. Instead, the treble is well extended, and there is enough air for sound to be natural, and not compressed, which was an issue with most units at lower price points, like the JDS Labs Atom. Versandkostenfreie Lieferung! FiiO packs in all these functions at just $149.99 which may be an even better deal than the older K5 unless you need that dual 3.5mm balanced connection which I never find practical. This is quite promising on paper for a powerful headphone amplifier at this price. This means you could use it as a preamp. FiiO K5 Pro 159,00 € * inkl. This is where I noticed that the background noise for K5PRO is existent, but very very faint. The unit does not get very hot during usage, it tends to be pretty ergonomic and good looking, and the power output is clean, without any issues like random noise bursts. It does not seem easy to remove the plastic cover so to make sure nothing is damaged this is as far as I will go in taking it apart. You can toggle between 3 steps of gain including a +0dB gain option for IEMs and have no trouble finding the sweet spot at a higher volume without introducing a high noise floor. Power Supply DC15V 1.5A Gracias, Hi, This is a joyful listen for fast, light paced music with a touch of sparkle in the treble. Capability . FiiO K5 Pro – Feels a tad light for it’s size, but still solid. is an interesting competitor with a great price tag, it is only an AMP, and it doesn’t make as much sense to purchase against the K5 PRO, serving a much more specialised purpose. The K5 Pro runs on a 4-level audio circuit including a low-pass filter. The K5 Pro is a very practical DAC Amp solution with a powerful AKM DAC and amplifier circuit. Switching to high gain, there are good dynamics and openness. This is not possible, you will need a Made For iOS convertor for that (unless you have a convertor already that outputs optical signal!). You did not check the SQ for the pre outs? The USB driver is quite universal, and depending on your current configuration, it may work even driverless, as it does for me, on my current desktop computer, and although FiiO gave up on their docking thing from the original K5, the K5 PRO ends up being a much better overall device, all in all making more sense. Learn how your comment data is processed. We have been covering a few FiiO products and you can see consistent packaging designs with a clean black theme. As a DAC/amp combo the K5 is designed to be an all-in-one … What to you mean with Convertor? The treble is very well controlled and doesn’t sound artificial or aggressive so something like classical music will be enjoyable on this setup. The RCA out sounds quite flat without the amp section, not recommended to use with monitoring speakers and synergy would be better on speakers that have more subbass/bass presence and resolution. FiiO K5 Pro Desktop DAC and Amplifier [K5 Pro] - Headphone Amplifiers: Desktop DAC and Amplifier The Classic lives on with stronger decoding A concert right at your desktop With the K5 pro you can truly experience eerily realistic details and a roller-coaster of emotions from your music. The new K5 PRO sounds considerably more natural, and if you want to do the update, I totally recommend doing so, because with K5 PRO, the bass is clean, deep and has a hint of warmth when it is called for. DAC - Desktop. The value of FiiO K5 PRO is excellent, and for 150 USD, it is simply the easiest to drive DAC/AMP for desktop if you don’t have something uber versatile and high-quality already. The AC power jack is next to the USB socket and you could upgrade the power supply for better performance. Another headphone it would really drive well is Sivga P2, which I just reviewed, but. Close. The K5 Pro has a very friendly 1x gain factor so sensitive IEMs were also tested. Midy Greaty Soundy - Audiosense AQ3 IEMs Review, Pure Monitors - Fischer AMPs Rhapsody FA-4E XB IEMs Review,,,,,, Two Hands, Two Great – Brainwavz HM100 Headphones & BLU-300 BT IEMs Review, True Android Power – Hiby R6 DAP Music Player Review, The partabile – FiiO M11 DAP Player Review, Crazy Clear Views – Underwood HIFI LSA HP-1 Headphones Review, Radically Smooth – Meze RAI Penta Hybrid Earphones Review, New Day, New Budget Wonder – HIFIMAN Deva Planar Headphones Review. It was because of the quality and performance of the BTR3 that I knew the Fiio K5 Pro would be fantastic and I wasn’t let down. If it is more or less an analogue pass though, how does the volume control work as this appears to use an ADC? We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new most, most of them being rather catchy. Output Impedance <1.2 Ω Overall, the design is very good and the materials are of excellent quality. Introduction There are EVA foams fitted on both sides of the device inside the packaging to add extra protection during shipment. Stereo Crosstalk ≥75 dB at 1 kHz. I invite you to joing me in the exciting journey of discovering joy hrough music!! Despite being a pretty average Dynamic-Driver based Headphone, it is hard to control well, and most sources tend to make it shouty, or bloat the bass, or make it loose, unless the source has good control, at lower impedances. You can consider getting a linear power supply that could further boost the output quality. Since K5 Pro … FiiO K5 pro vs iFi Zen DAC. I am an old-school guy and I like the simplest DAC/Amp units, especially desktop ones that can be wall-powered. At just $149.99 the stealthy K5 Pro is capable of decoding up to DSD512, linking up your PC, gaming machine, and DAPs to active speakers and headphones for a better home entertainment experience.

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