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See all. Night BioBay Kayak Tour from Vieques. Want to go to Culebra or Vieques but don't want to have to get there at 6am to wait in line? You can buy an airline ticket and fly there directly from the airport, or the more take the more economic ferry departing from Ceiba. Once you arrive at the San Juan Airport (SJU), you have four flying options to the airport in Vieques. thank you. Vieques inhabitants get preference, and in weekends and holidays, Puerto Ricans flock to the island as well. | iHeartRadio The airlines currently flying from Puerto Rico to Vieques are: CapeAir and Vieques Air Link. Getting to your destination on Vieques-Publico Service is available at the ferry or the airport. Vieques Air Link - Vieques Air Link (VAL, IATA code:V4) is a small Puerto Rico-based airline that links Vieques with Culebra and mainland Puerto Rico. There is limited room that locals need for transportation and supplies. The duration for the flight is about 30 minutes. First, there are paved roads around a lot of the island. How To Get To Vieques. If the 2 of you click, you might ask her to be your girlfriend! On the Web API side, simply use … If you do rent a jeep be very careful of the wild horses roaming the island, they … As with Culebra, you can travel to Vieques via a ferry or a plane ride. Click here! Please tell me what is the best way (time efficient and travel reliable) to get to Vieques? Horses and chickens run wild in the streets. See all. There are many beaches only accessible by car, preferably a jeep. Although there were a few raindrops on our ride over, we were greeted with a full day of warm sunshine upon our arrival. Getting off of … This is really the most convenient way to get to Vieques from San Juan. Isla de Vieques is unlike most tourist destinations in the Caribbean, the island has no casinos or golf courses. For prices and timetables, please refer to the approriate schedule below. If you’re flying into San Juan and heading right to Vieques, probably the best option is to connect right from there. asked Jan 28 '14 at 11:43. user2652077 user2652077. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get from Puerto Rico to Vieques. (Note: Please verify this information beforehand, as it changes often) Fly Direct from San Juan (SJU) to Vieques (VQS) or Culebra (CPX) This leg of the trip costs approximately $100-110 and is serviced by Cape Air, Vieques Air, and Air Sunshine. When you find a girl who interests you, ask her on a date. Sea sickness – Boat is stable but depending on the weather the boat may get a little rocky. If your schedule allows, you can take a side trip to Old San Juan, Luquillo beach, or the rain forest along the way. Or if there is a problem with the ferry, you may be stranded for hours … By Ferry. The cargo ferries are not intended for tourists. Getting a girlfriend might seem really hard, but don’t give up! Several small airlines fly these routes a couple times per day, including Vieques Air Link and Cape Air. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Overlooking the beach at the Mosquito Pier in Vieques. Avoid the ferry on weekends and holidays unless budget is a concern. From stylish modern hotels to homey guesthouses on la Isla Nena. Ride Length – The ride generally takes about 30 minutes with fast catamaran (From October 2018). 24 Reviews . Ride Length – The ride on the new Puerto Rico Fast Ferry (passenger only) generally takes about 30 minutes. The first way to get to Vieques is by ferry. 8. Avoid using mist or moisturizer on your face while on the go as the air will rob … While Puerto Rico has some challenges with roads in need of repair, the situation is doubly so in Vieques. GETTING THERE. Flights are offered from the San Juan International Airport (SJU) and … See more options below. The time may vary upon the boat you board and weather conditions. Related: What are the most popular tours in Isla de Vieques? Instead of waking up super early, let us get tickets for you! Our Verizon service was virtually non existent even though they said we … It’ll add about $150 to your trip if you can find the right … Remember, if you don't want to mess with the ferry, take a water taxi to an island! Then, impress girls by looking your best and talking to them. Compare & reserve one-way or return flights from St. Thomas to Vieques from $213 only to get the best flight deals and promotions for your STT to VQS trip! And except for the way we did the trip (below), it’s also the cheapest, believe it or not! The other is by small airplane from Fajardo, St. Croix, or either of San Juan's two major airports. Keep dabbing the oil on your face with a soft tissue or wet wipe. Tourists come to Vieques to see the “Real Caribbean”. We will be in San Juan for 2 days before heading to Vieques. Anna. Getting to Vieques starts with getting to San Juan. The island is relatively quiet, lush, uncrowded, and gorgeous. This past week I went on a last minute trip to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico with friends and stayed at the W Resort and Spa for free on my Starwood Free Resort Nights. Wash your hands by using antibacterial wipes before touching the face. We can help! 1. Vieques is a Caribbean island belonging to Puerto Rico, also known as Isla Nena or Little Girl Island. 7. 15 Reviews . Most rentals on the island are 4×4 Jeeps, as the roads across the island can vary from okay to very bad to OMG someone has bombed the road. Article Where to Stay in Vieques. It may be drive to Ceiba and hope for a flight or have other arrangements in Fajardo. You can fly to Vieques from either San Juan Airport or Isla Grande. From there, you have a few options for getting over to the small island. There are flights from 3 different airports to Vieques; you can fly from San Juan International Airport (SJU), Isla Grande Airport (SIG), or Ceiba Airport (RVR). 71 Reviews . These 11 stores are giving away free turkeys. 15 Reviews . The Ferry Ride. And a lot of those roads are rocky and full of … Flying time from San Juan is about 25 minutes and about 12 from Fajardo. However, taking the ferry has its risks as the schedule is not 100% dependable and tickets can sell out. Nonstop daily flights are available on several major airlines, all of which fly to San Juan's international airport, Luis Muñoz Marin, code SJU. 24 … Sunbay • has a campground, bathrooms and the Arenamar Café where you can get delicious healthy snacks for the beach. What is the correct method for getting header values? 424 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Apply a hydrating serum to help seal the moisture in and not let the skin go dry. Sponsored Content. Vieques maintains a rural character, despite increasing tourist interest. If you can only … Ask the hotel or vacation rental manager where you’re staying in Vieques, most offer the service of getting tickets for you ahead of time and they will mail them to you. The most affordable way to get there is the ferry, which runs from Fajardo/Ceiba to Vieques multiple times a day and the fare is under $10. Vieques is only about 10 miles off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast. Get proper sleep by having a good nap on the flight, bus or train to help reduce the travel stress. Most of the beaches in Vieques, for example, are at the end of dirt roads. Related: What are the most popular tours in Isla de Vieques? The ferry usually begins loading 30 minutes prior to departure. Isla de Vieques, located 7 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, is considered to be a haven for those seeking an authentic Caribbean experience. There are two main ways to get there – via flight or ferry. The flights are short (30 minutes from SJU, 20 minutes from SIG, and … The Vieques ferry doesnt get as crowded as the Culebra ferry (which seems like you have to be there by 7 am to get a 9 am ticket, if you can get one at all.) It is about 22 miles long and 4 miles wide. The ATM cargo ferries will take a little longer – … Night BioBay Kayak Tour from Vieques. There are two types of ferries that run – the passenger ferry (slightly faster) and the cargo ferry (carries passengers, as well). Most people will be departing from San Juan, so there’s a few travel options to keep in mind. In order to experience what the island has to offer having a car rental is a must. PR … Answer 1 of 29: I have been reading all the issues of getting to Vieques from San Juan and I am still unsure as to what will work best and least expensive for the 2 of us. If you suffer from sea sickness, sit on the middle seats where you’ll feel less motion. you can fly to VIEQUES from SJU AIRPORT or ISLE GRADE in SAN JUAN.others choices woulld be to either take a taxi(60.00 eachway) to FAJARDO or renting a car and driving yourself there. Many publicos (public transportation) will not drive to these areas which are truly the most beautiful on … … If you're travelling in these times, buy tickets ahead of time or arrive very early. Although only a few miles off the mainland, Vieques is still a bit complicated to visit. Before Maria, the ferry was located in Fajarado – about a 45 minute drive from the San Juan airport. It is a relatively small, rural island about 8 miles east of Puerto Rico. VCHT Marine Exhibit • The Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust has a marine life exhibit to teach children about the fragility of the coral reef habitat of Vieques. from US$56.99* Vieques Snorkeling Tour from San Juan. Flying is the most convenient way of getting to Vieques. Please tell me the different options to get to Vieques from San Juan along with the cost and time to get there. Learn more about how to get to Vieques & Culebra. c# c#-4.0 Find all the transport options for your trip from El Yunque to Vieques (State) right here. Access to many of the beaches is off road and can only be accessed in a 4×4. 1. Even when you have your ticket, be sure to arrive at least an hour in advance. once you get to FAJARDO you can opt to fly or take the passenger ferry(2.00 eachway).. if you chose to stay on the main land staying on which coast depends on what kind of vacation you are looking for. Luckily, this is extraordinarily easy, since San Juan is the hub for the whole Caribbean. Flying with Vieques Air Link. cost per round trip? Flying? Pets are allowed on the passenger ferry, but, not under the air conditioned area, they … It may be drive to Ceiba and hope for a flight or have other arrangements in Fajardo. Now, the ferry is located a bit further down the road at an old naval base in Ceiba. Check out our guide to everything you need to know about island hopping to Puerto Rico's idyllic outer islands, Vieques and Culebra. add a comment | 10 Answers Active Oldest Votes. If you are going to try to ferry it to Vieques, make sure you have your back up plan in order. Please tell me the different options to get to Vieques from San Juan along with the cost and time to get there. Start your search for a girlfriend by meeting more girls through clubs, events, and mutual friends. If budget is not an issue, do yourself a favor and book a connecting flight from SJU, it is by far the most convenient and less time consuming. For those of you not familiar, Vieques is a small island 8 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. Report inappropriate content . But, before you get all excited and think that you are going to save a couple bucks by taking your rental car over to Culebra or Vieques — think again. thank you. You can reserve a publico (taxi van) or rent a one-way car to Ceiba. Steps. AndrewRalon. If we are unable to get tickets on your requested date, $5 will be … All major airlines fly to Puerto Rico and offer decent fares. Part 1 of 4: Asking a Girl Out . After the beach, give the youngsters a quick rinse before they fall asleep in the car on the way home. But those roads don’t necessarily take you everywhere you want to go. Check the Guide to Vieques for more information. from … If you are going to try to ferry it to Vieques, make sure you have your back up plan in order. There’s also a smaller airport at Ceiba but it usually sells out … Vieques Taxis. Article Things to Do in Vieques. Departs Fajardo: … One is by ferry from Fajardo, with the crossing taking about 80 minutes. Flight time is about 30 minutes. $10 per ticket Payment required prior to checking availability. A few days after our day trip to Culebra (read “A Day Trip to Culebra” here), we headed back to Fajardo to board the ferry to the other main Spanish Virgin Island – Vieques.Vieques lies about 8 miles east of Puerto Rico, and is an easy ferry ride from the mainland. The Vieques ferry doesnt get as crowded as the Culebra ferry (which seems like you have to be there by 7 am to get a 9 am ticket, if you can get one at all.) Our Verizon service was virtually non existent even though they said we … Thanks. Getting around in Vieques is challenging for a few reasons. Report inappropriate content . Of course, there are charming towns and resorts, but the roaming wild horses, undeveloped beach coves, and lack of [...] The post Day Trip To Vieques Puerto Rico | Things To Do & How To Get There appeared … Time may vary upon the boat you board and the weather conditions. 72 Reviews . Vieques Ferry Ride. Article … from $56.99* Vieques Snorkeling Tour from San Juan. Don’ts. Getting Around. from US$175.00* Scuba Dive Tour to Vieques Island. Your reservation may be bumped by a cargo truck that needs the spot. Most people visiting Vieques rent a car and this is probably your best option. Vieques Air Link Flight 901A - Vieques Air Link Flight 901A was a flight from Vieques Airport, Vieques, Puerto Rico, to St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands that crashed on August 2, 1984, killing all nine passengers an Rome2rio makes travelling from El Yunque to Vieques (State) easy. there is awesome … Hint that you want … How to get to Icacos Island? Answer 1 of 2: Hi there, We are 3 girls traveling To PR. share | improve this question | follow | edited Sep 12 '16 at 18:46. The US government purchased part of Vieques during World War II and planned to use it to house the British Navy if Britain fell to Germany. 787-313-0599: The trip from the international airport to the ferry terminal in Ceiba is about one and a half hours. 6. 193. Get some of the best views of Vieques when you stay at Hacienda Tamarindo. There are only two ways to get to Vieques. The world's brightest bioluminescent bay is just the beginning. Getting to Vieques. from $175.00* Scuba Dive Tour to Vieques Island. The other way to get to Vieques is by flying. Most convenient: Flights from San Juan to Vieques leave from both …

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