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Registered ARBA Breeder The American Rabbit Breeders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy since 1921. An article about 'how to breed from your rabbit' may seem a little crazy, being as rabbits are well known to be prolific breeders who generally don't need any help in the mating department! But for the responsible, caring owner, there's more to consider than just putting a doe and a buck together and letting them do what comes naturally. You will need to have a pedigree for your rabbit to register it with ARBA, and to breed it. If you’re not planning to show your rabbits, you may decide to not buy registered ones. Armidale, NSW Dwarf Lop and Plush Lop Breeder, Hawkesbury area. Rabbit/Cavy being registered must have a complete three generation pedigree. Download Rabbit Register 12.02 from our website for free. Or any other rabbit club: Does not give anyone the entitlement to advertise as a registered breeder or make them a registered Breeder! How to Create The Perfect Breeding Schedule It’s exciting to raise rabbits, breed does, pick out favorites and watch the kits grow. The section at the top of the page is for your rabbit’s name and breed. Furthermore, if too many purebred rabbits are mixed together, then the pool of acceptable bunnies to breed in the future will quickly become depleted. Unlike other animal registration systems, each rabbit orcavy must be examined by a licensed registrar, certified free from heritable defects and found to meet specific breed requirements as outlined in the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Welcome to our online Meat Rabbit Breeder List – the place to find meat rabbits for sale and meat rabbit breeders near you.. The following versions: 12.2, 12.1 and 12.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend starting with a trio (2 does and 1 buck). If you currently raise rabbits and would like to add your rabbitry to our directory, please visit our ‘Add Your Rabbitry’ section, fill out, and submit the form and we will add your information as quickly as possible. We are active show rabbit breeders and so all of our rabbits are in excellent condition and are quality bred. Not all breeders register their rabbits. We are also members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, and Hancock County 4-H Rabbit Club. Register rabbit breeder. You do not have to have a pedigree to show, but you must to register your rabbit as a Grand Champion if it wins 3 GC legs. Hi, I want to register as a rabbit breeder. #3: Decide how much money you are willing to pay for a breeding pair of rabbits. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. If you only have wire-bottomed cages, place a temporary wooden floor in the bottom of the buck’s cage for breeding and remove it after. If everything checks out and you have a completed 3-generation pedigree (and $6) you can register your rabbit. A registered breeder keeps a strict breeding schedule to ensure that the does (females) are not over bred. In order to have your rabbit registered, you have to bring the rabbit you're registering to be examined by an ARBA licensed Registrar. This can be very difficult. Breeders Directory. When you want to breed your rabbits, put the female into the males cage. Mixed-rabbits do not have much value. Important to mention, getting listed is absolutely free of any charges. Our goal is to get the largest rabbit breeders directory! You can become a member of the American Rabbit Breeder's Association. The registrar will examine your rabbit and be sure it fits the breed standard. Make sure to get a copy when you purchase your rabbit. In order to register your rabbits with ARBA, all 15 rabbits in the pedigree MUST have a weight filled in. Stick to the same rabbit breed. Reply. The Basics of Breeding Rabbits - Part One Before we begin to discuss breeding rabbits, it is important to understand that there are several reasons NOT to breed your rabbits. You also recieve a guide book and a year book for each year you are a member. Rabbit/Cavy being registered must be at least 6 (six) months of age. This is an indispensable reference manual which will help to ensure your success as a rabbit or cavy owner or breeder. But a lot more goes into breeding rabbits then just throwing a buck and doe together and hoping for the best. I learned, the hard way, that breeders don’t generally sell a doe that is producing well. Do not leave this until later. #4: Find a reputable breeder. We are a registered breeder through the American Rabbit Breeder Association and Rabbit Breeders US. Registration with a breed club or association. Only a licensed registrar can register your rabbit with ARBA, but any breeder can make an official pedigree … 99% of all rabbit breeders are members of ARBA because it’s the organization that keeps it … The ARBA Registration System is arguably the single best livestock or petstock registration system in the world. When beginning a NEW Pedigree, fill out the first spot, on the far left of a blank pedigree, for the rabbit you are working with. Flemish giants were originally bred for meat and fur, but are now largely bred for show or as pets, as they are expensive to feed and have a very pleasant docile nature. You can shorten the interval between kindling and … Dog and cat breeders are often referred to as ‘registered breeders’ when they are members of a breed association or club (which operates a stud book or register) or another breeder association. TO REGISTER RABBITS or CAVIES: Owner of rabbit/cavy must be a current ARBA member. What you'll get. People want rabbits that are of pure breed. The British Rabbit Council is unable to give any guarantee as to the health, fertility or suitability as a Show animal of the stock being sold, neither can we give any guarantee as to whether any rabbit conforms to the Breed Standard. In order to register your rabbitry or caviary, you must be a member of the ARBA. If the rabbits are housed separately, you ALWAYS bring the female to the male. Information on registering rabbits and/or cavies... Only ARBA members can register individual rabbits or cavies. I screamed at the clubs for 3 years to remove the misleading statement their members were using . This can help you decide on the breed of rabbit. The software is categorized as Home & Hobby Tools. DOB is date of birth, and DTB is date to breed (when your rabbit is a senior and old enough to breed). Registered rabbits with papers are going to cost more money than rabbits without any papers. A registered rabbit is a rabbit who has been officially filed into the records with ARBA. Breeding Rabbits Is Pretty Straightforward. The membership includes a magazine and a yearbook with breeders names. and who do i contact? The term ‘registered breeder’ generally means one of the following: 1. Many commercial rabbit producers will breed does back 14 to 21 days after kindling. A 35-day breed-back schedule is recommended. Uses of Registering Rabbit’s Birth. A registered rabbit is a whole different thing. Our online rabbit pedigree program allows breeders the flexibilty to access their rabbitry data from any computer with an internet connection and standard browser. Before we can even think about breeding our rabbits we must have a good foundation stock. ... Our breeding stock are sourced from registered breeders to ensure they are pure ... read more. If you sell rabbits, you are invited to submit a FREE rabbitry listing to our Meat Rabbit Breeder List!. if so what is the criteria? A registration form to be used by persons who are interested in breeding rabbits. You need to consider color, type, size, desired outcome, genotype, age and […] i have already looked up the guidelines for Dep. They come in seven colors, from black through white. Here are some of the uses rather we can say importance of having a birth certificate for Rabbit. The two rabbits will probably run around in circles for a bit. Take your time and find two rabbits that are the same breed for the best success. Some of these are good reasons, but some reasons aren’t good at all. If it does not, you can still breed, show, and use the rabbit, but you just can’t register. Has anyone done this successfully? A registered breeder is one who is affiliated with a local and/or a national rabbit club. When it is time to breed your rabbits it is best to do so on solid ground. They can weigh up to 22 pounds. TAPAH: Rabbit breeding is becoming popular among breeders in Perak with the industry seeing a three-fold increase in growth from 5,000 rabbits last year to 15,000 this year. The Global Pedigree™ Project is the next generation of software for rabbit breeders. This is the most important segment for those breeders who think why they need to register or why a birth certificate is required for the Rabbits, what they’re for and what they’re worth. On this form is your information (name and address), and the name of the rabbitry or caviary you wish to register. To sell a bunny = registered breeder. It is advisable to always make sure your pedigree includes all weights when you purchase a rabbit. The next section includes identifying markers such as sex, color and pattern (variety), tattoo, as well as a brief reminder of his or her bloodlines. By joining ARBA you are now able to register rabbits and apply for grand champion certificates (when you win 3 legs on a rabbit.) regulations but that is only if I want to sell rabbit meat. The American Rabbit Breeders Association has a unique and exacting registration system. The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently recognizes 49 unique rabbit breeds and 13 different breeds of cavies.Within many of these breeds, there are also several (in some cases numerous), varieties (coat and eye-color variations), that demonstrate the diversity which draws so many into the fascinating and rewarding hobby of rabbit and cavy husbandry. Being a member of the Rabbit Fanciers Society of NSW . Animal must meet all senior requirements for their breed to be eligible for registration. The Rabbit Register installer is commonly called WinReg.exe. Flemish Giant: Flemish giant rabbits are the largest breed of rabbits. A registered rabbit must have a full purebred pedigree, but a rabbit may be proven to be a purebred with just a pedigree. Description. A registered and accredited breeder is one who participates in shows on a regular basis and is awarded prizes for their rabbits. Rabbit breeding schedules are usually based on 7-day intervals for ease in recordkeeping. Registered breeders wil be listed in the National Livestock Database and assigned a unique registration number. Interested rabbit breeders. Females can be really territorial and may attack the male instead of breeding. That means, with our rabbit pedigree software, you can manage your herd on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Rabbit Breeders Registration Overview. Your email address will not be published. Breeding Meat Rabbits 101. Eligibility. You would fill out a Rabbitry/Caviary registration form and submit it to the ARBA office. Cages with wire bottoms can catch rabbit toenails or even feet, and cause serious injury if the rabbits are rambunctious.

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