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Saudi Arabia said Tuesday it had executed 37 people convicted of terrorism-related offenses, bringing the number of executions there in the first … Method. Human Rights Watch has reported that 144 people have been beheaded so far in 2015, compared with 87 in the whole of 2014. The number of executions in Saudi Arabia has risen dramatically this year. Execution is usually carried out publicly by beheading with a sword but may occasionally be performed by shooting. Public execution in Saudi Arabia (file photo) A Saudi newspaper has carried a film showing the beheading of a man convicted of raping a teenaged boy before murdering him in the heart of the desert. Saudi Arabia has executed 48 people since the beginning of 2018, half of them for nonviolent drug crimes, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi Arabia has executed 37 men convicted of terror-related crimes, the kingdom's official news agency said Tuesday. Saudi Arabia’s government announced the mass execution of 37 men on April 23, 2019 in various parts of the country, Human Rights Watch said today. Zimbabwe’s last executioner retired after carrying out his last execution in 2004. Al-Beshi cut off his first head with a sword in 1998. Leading executioner. He added: “I successfully trained my son Musaed, 22, as an executioner and he was approved and chosen.” Daily Advent reported yesterday that Saudi Arabia may behead 10 of the 23 Nigerian drug traffickers on death row in the country, on the same day, any time from now! 133 people were executed between June 2017 and March 2018. Find Saudi Arabia Execution Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Saudi Arabia Execution and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. This article is more than 5 years old. Almost twice as many as the 67 recorded in the eight months that preceded the rise to power of Mbs. Saudi Arabia has executed 37 men over terror-related crimes, according to the kingdom’s official news agency. Saudi Arabia has a criminal justice system based on a hardline and literal form of Shari'ah reflecting a particular state-sanctioned interpretation of Islam.. They earn the equivalent salary of $399 a month, plus an additional $133 per execution". The rare and shocking 51-second film showed the executioner bringing down his sword on the defendant’s head, which was severed in just a split of second. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia beheading so many prisoners it needs more ... typically take place around 9am when the convicted person is walked into a square and made to kneel in front of the executioner. So far in Saudi Arabia this year, 89 people have been beheaded in public and such is the appetite for capital punishment in the country, there are now adverts to recruit new executioners. “Instead of stepping up executions at an alarming rate in the name of countering terrorism, Saudi Arabia’s must halt this bloody execution spree immediately and establish an official moratorium on executions as a first step towards abolishing the death penalty completely,” said Lynn Maalouf. A2A Ahaa! Saudi Arabia execution: ... A woman screamed her innocence right up until the last seconds before an executioner’s sword fell, beheading her for killing her husband’s six-year-old daughter. Saudi Arabia The work of God Decent pay, flexible hours, good benefits package - but being Saudi Arabia's state executioner does have its down side, as … It was around this time last year that Britain’s red carpet was rolled out for the high-pomp state visit of King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia’s monarch and head of government. Saudi Arabia executions over Qatif attacks Among those executed, at least 14 were convicted of violent offences relating to their participation in anti-government demonstrations, Amnesty reports. Send to a friend. Warning - thread Live execution by beheading in Saudi Arabia might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. Abdullah Al-Bishi is a Saudi national who inherited the position as an executioner from his father. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. ... A Saudi Arabian executioner shows off his sword. Explore more on Saudi Arabia Execution. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right) Saudi Arabia's leading executioner says he is "very proud to do God's work" and does not lose sleep over beheading several people in one day. Well! On 23 April 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of 37 imprisoned civilians who had been convicted, 21 on the basis of confessions allegedly obtained under coercion and torture, for terrorism-related allegations in six provinces in the country. Not Raqqa - Riyadh: ... as the role of executioner is usually passed from father to son. SAUDI ARABIA . Saudi Arabia executed 184 people in 2019, including at least one person who committed a crime as a minor It comes after the kingdom effectively scrapped the punishment of flogging two days ago. Saudi Arabia, which executes more criminals than any nation except China and Iran, wants to hire eight new executioners. In April 2019, a mass execution of 37 people included at least three men who were children when they committed their alleged crimes. Saudi Arabia has ranked among the top five executing countries for the last decade, and has carried out over 520 executions since 2014 – one roughly every three days. In a rare interview, Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, 42, told the Saudi daily Arab News that he had executed numerous women, as well as men. Saudi Arabia is advertising job vacancies for executioners amid a surge in public beheadings in the Islamic kingdom. In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out 149 executions during the whole year. But the Kingdom has struggled to keep up with its own unparalleled execution rate, so much so that it was forced to advertise for executioner … So you are interested to know about the salary range of a Saudi Arabian executioner. Furthermore, about half of the people who ended up in the executioner's hands were foreigners, especially poor migrants sentenced to death for drug trafficking. Rights groups have condemned Saudi Arabia over the decision to try prominent women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul in terrorism court. Source:AFP Sharp sword Abdullah Al-Bishi, the Head Saudi Beheader His name may not be widely known or recognized. Naturally, activists view this move to end executions with “cautious optimism.” Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars. Saudi Arabia Looks for New Executioners. As it stands, Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest executioner after Iran and China. At … The report didn’t state how the death penalty was implemented, but executions in Saudi Arabia are known to be carried out by shooting or beheading with a …

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