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Los nuevos auriculares Sennheiser HD800S ofrecen opciones de conectividad con una precisión más alta e incluso mejor, y ahora están provistos de dos clavijas de conexión, un conector de 6.3mm y un cable balanceado XLR-4 para ofrecer una mayor calidad de sonido proveniente de las fuentes con salidas balanceadas como el amplificador de auriculares Sennheiser HDVD 800 de Sennheiser. IE800S has a BIG advantage of having a 2.5mm TRRS balanced y-splitter inter-connect which enables a selection of modular balanced extensions including 2.5mm BAL, 4.4mm BAL, and 3.5mm SE. How would you compare the IE800 with the Final Audio E5000? The Sennheiser IE 800 is the most expensive non-custom-molded in-canal earphone pair we've reviewed, and it earns its price with excellent audio performance. Sennheiser already has previous form in the high-end in-ear market, thanks to the original IE 800s, Award-winners back in 2015. En general, IE 800S no se aleja demasiado de la afinación original de IE 800, pero definitivamente se percibe una diferencia. Between my FR measurements, full frequency sweep, and extensive listening analysis, I found the mids region of IE800 between 400Hz and 5kHz to be more attenuated down, not by a lot, but noticeable. … Evitar daños para la salud y accidentes At any price. The lowest frequency at which the device produces audio. Sennheiser IE 800s vs Shure SE846. For this article, I will do a quick and dirty comparison, and then link to my official recommendation towards the end! Available for Sale: IE800, IE800S and Audio46. Sennheiser IE 800 S Conclusion. Overall, IE800S doesn’t stir too far off the original tuning of IE800, but you can definitely hear the difference. We consider a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to carry. IN the BOX. a small difference in sound signature between IE800 vs IE800S is not going to affect much if one is better or worse for classical genre. The jump in price is probably because of R&D which I’m sure was a lot because closed backs are so tricky and to try and recreate a close embodiment of the soundstage found in the 800 would be insanely difficult especially with a completely closed back headphone (ie … At the time of writing IE800S review, I didn’t have access to IE800, but I got it on loan now. For a detailed sound analysis of IE800S, please refer to my original review of these IEMs, posted here. Impedance is the device’s electrical resistance to the current being pushed through it. If you have little patience for fuss and you’re not used to an over-ear memory wire, then the IE 800 S is probably the best earphone you can get for the price. The German company has taken what was a cold and … Sennheiser IE 800 S In-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones - Sound Isolating Ear-Canal Fit With XWB Transducers and D2CA Technology, Detachable Cable, Includes Balanced Cables, 2-Year Warranty (Black) $999.00: Get the deal: Sennheiser … The device comes with its own special case or pouch, which is useful for safe transportation. Will use 3.5mm mainly. Cable length is identical, including upper part above y-splitter. Bigger drivers are more powerful and can produce better bass. Shure SE846 Shop now at Amazon. The 800s … Fitted with pioneering solutions like the proprietary 7-mm transducers that create an almost unbelievable sound stage and our patented dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system, the IE 800 S conquers new aural territory for high-end in-ear headphones. MORE: Best headphones to buy in 2014 Buy Sennheiser IE 800 S In-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones - Sound Isolating Ear-Canal Fit With XWB Transducers and D2CA Technology, Detachable Cable, Includes Balanced Cables, 2-Year Warranty (Black): Earbud Headphones - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Already placed an order right after you suggested previously. Lows. Both these models are well balanced, and neither has a heavy bass profile. Search. And I’m sure first time buyers trying to choose which one going to suite their needs and sound preference better since both are still available for sale. Comfortable full-size form with earcups that fully enclose your ears. Should I assume the IE 500 Pro's are meant to satisfy those at the $600 price range, but to still remain under the IE 800 S … Fitted with pioneering solutions like the proprietary 7-mm transducers that create an almost unbelievable sound stage and our patented dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) system, the IE 800 S conquers new aural territory for high-end in-ear headphones. The nozzle length of both is identical (short) and they both use the same custom eartips. Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones ranking. They’re not perfect, but they are seriously … Descubre cuál es mejor y su puesto en la clasificación de auriculares. Manufacturer website: Sennheiser. I’ll cover this later in the sound section. There’s still a bit of a sizzle in the HD 800S. The highest frequency at which device produces audio. Their IE 800 flagship earphone is no exception. When it comes to a soundstage expansion, both models are nearly identical in width and depth, which still continues to impress me considering these are single DD “closed back” in ear monitors. So, let’s begin. None of which alter the facts, though. (I had to travel couple of hundred miles to audition these) I have heard the … El perfeccionado sistema de transductor de banda extra ancha (XWB). A lower weight is also an advantage for home appliances, as it makes transportation easier, and for many other types of products. Esta innovación supera el “efecto enmascarador”, en el que los componentes de volumen bajo de un sonido quedan ocultados por sonidos con más volumen en un rango de frecuencia bajo si se dan al mismo tiempo. Probably similar to questions audio enthusiast have about HD800 vs HD800S, many are trying to decide if they should upgrade to S-version or get S-version in addition to the original one. The IE 800 from Sennheiser is the cheaper sibling compared to the IE 800 S. It does not fall far short of its pricier sibling. Home > Headphones comparison > Sennheiser IE 800 vs Sennheiser IE 800 S. However, they're a hefty investment and require a powerful amplifier to drive them. The focus of this write up is only on comparison of IE800 to IE800S. Introduction; HD800: Regular Model vs. “S” Model Change ), I review, therefore I am. After hearing praise of the original IE 800 for so long I was really curious to know how the new Sennheiser IE 800 S would perform. Once in place (the IE 800s are supplied with five different-size ear adaptors and are simplicity itself to site comfortably and securely), … Could you please tell me, IE800 and IE800S, which one is more suitable for classical, such as violin concertos? On the other hand, I have IE800s but not E5000. When it comes to lower treble, it’s the opposite, where the original IE800 has a little more energy with more sparkle and sharper definition in comparison to a little smoother IE800S which still sounds crisp and airy, but scaled back in comparison. Starting with sub-bass and mid-bass, I find it to be nearly the same between IE800 and IE800S. I will go for the IE800 then, for the reason of the small difference in sound while big in price. Where the IE 800 in-ears were a pricey $799, the new IE 800 S in-ears up the ante even more and start at $999. Or it can be viewed as a “sidegrade”, look and sound-wise. Thank you. After looong listening sessions I finally can pronounce my opinion for a very interesting pair of in-ear headphones, The Sennheiser IE800S. El IE 800 S presenta nuestro patentado sistema absorbente de doble cámara (D2CA). A standard 3.5mm male connector is suitable for use with all MP3 players and computer sound cards. Incorporating the next evolutionary step after the groundbreaking IE 800 ear-canal headphones, the IE 800 S contains great technology within a very confined space. To the disappointment of many, the cable still isn’t removable from the earpieces (which is often a feature in higher-end earphones). Somewhat more warmth in the mid-range will make more joyful, expressly, as specific tracks from Amy MacDonald and Stevie Wonder left me wishing vocal nearness was only a touch more grounded. Sennheiser IE 800 Sennheiser IE 800 review: performance. Hi! HD 800 | HD 800 S | 3 Indicaciones de seguridad Indicaciones de seguridad X Le rogamos que lea detenida y completamente las instrucciones de ma- nejo antes de utilizar el producto. ( Log Out /  Also, if you have a collection of DAPs with 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs, due to non-removable cables, IE800S is the only way to go balanced. The synergy between this cable and the HD 800S and HDV 820–which it fits literally between—is astounding. After my recent review of IE800S, I … Available colors: Editiorial reviews: N/A ... suggested Sennheiser IE 800 Shure SE535 RHA T20 AKG N5005 Sennheiser IE 800 … The in-ear device is ultracompact and lightweight, with little or no interference with earrings, spectacles, hats, or hairstyles. X En caso de que entregue el producto a terceros, hágalo siempre junto con estas indicaciones de seguridad. If you’re in the market for the best the new Sennheiser IE 800 S in-ears make a … I had been using the Sennheiser XLR cable for a couple of years and then upgraded to this … With its modern, sleek 7mm transducer design; state-of-the-art dampened two chamber absorbers (D2CA), scratch-resistant ceramic housing and efficient, oval-shaped ear adaptors that fit and sit comfortably in the ear. Sennheiser IE 500 PRO (and newer models) vs Sennheiser IE 800 S Home. These Sennheisers are high-end headphones, but the sound needs a polishFull Review. Áll sonic abilities and soundstage details and clarity ? It’s funny calling Sennheiser’s impressively tiny IE 800 S a “beast”, however in this case, looks are as deceiving as ever. Hi! For those who don’t have either pairs, it could be a tough decision considering Amazon currently has IE800 for $500, while IE800S is $999 directly from Senns, still a bargain considering prices of other flagship IEMs. After my recent review of IE800S, I didn’t realize I will end up with more questions from my readers, this time about comparison between IE800 and IE800S. The driver unit is the component that produces sound in the device. Sennheiser IE 800 review: verdict. How far is the ie800 behind? At £870, this … The HD 800 S play the best with the solid state DAC/AMP while the HD 800 work best with the tube amp. It's been a few years since Sennheiser dropped its best attempt at an in-ear headphone, and now in 2018, we have an update. That is, tiny tapered earpieces with stubby nozzles and unique dual bass exhaust ports at the rear. There isn’t a huge difference in sound quality between the HD 800 and HD 800S. Digitize your AV management workflow. FIT. The IE 800s are for music lovers with deep pockets. Thank you very much. The enhanced sound reproduction of the HD 800 S is achieved through the addition of the innovative absorber technology that was pioneered in the Sennheiser IE 800 – a breakthrough that preserved the audibility of very high frequency sounds by eliminating a phenomenon known as the “masking effect”, where the human hear struggles to hear frequencies of sound when lower … It is inserted in the ear canal itself and blocks out a lot of environmental noise. This model is loved for its increased sound isolation and the fact that it won't leak sound to your neighbors. I sense microphonics with both cables wearing the wire down (thus a shirt clip is recommended), but I find IE800S to be quieter with a wire up over the ears. Sennheiser HD800 vs HD800s: Worth The Extra Cost? Nothing has changed with regard to mechanics. What is the difference between Sennheiser IE 800 S and Sennheiser IE 800? You still have that interesting break on the cable’s Y-split, where it detaches via a 2.5m… As expected, we’re presented with a very similar form and design as before. In terms of a physical appearance, original IE800 ceramic shells are very shiny in comparison to a matte finish of IE800S, which I personally like better. Sennheiser HD800S vs Focal Utopia (My experience) * So today finally i got to audition the Focal Utopia to HD800S. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better performing headphones than the Sennheiser HD 650. Yet, if you look at the THD of the IE 800 S, they are speced at "< 0.06% (1 kHz, 94 dB)" on Sennheiser's website which is already lower than the newer THD for the IE 500 Pro. Los audífonos IE 800 S, elegantes y compactos, son los mejores en lo que realmente importa: reproducir música Sennheiser ie 800S Parece que JavaScript está deshabilitado en su navegador. Incorporating the next evolutionary step after the groundbreaking IE 800 ear-canal headphones, the IE 800 S contains great technology within a very confined space. The new sound absorber technology that has been patented by Sennheiser and it claims to eliminate “masking effects”. It’s important to look at this treatment as a refinement than an “upgrade”. I will have to pass this question to Erik since he reviewed E5000, but I’m not sure if he is familiar with IE800. I use the HD 800S headphones with a balanced Mytek BROOKLYN DAC and the HD 800 headphones with a Woo Audio WA7 tube amplifier. As a result, the lower mids of IE800 are more neutral with less body and less warmth, and upper mids are a little thinner and brighter in comparison to IE800S where mids have more body and sound a little warmer and smoother. Both headphones are made to listen at home, and Sennheiser claims that the goal of the HD 820 was to replicate the magnificent soundstage of the HD 800 S. Today, I will try to answer that question as best as I can with this Sennheiser HD 820 vs Sennheiser HD 800 S Comparison Review. I didn’t notice too much of a big difference in positioning/imaging of the sounds, though IE800S brings vocals a little more forward. The Sennheiser IE 800 are true high-end earphones that both show up Sennheiser’s £300 pairs and show what dynamic drivers are capable of. And that’s where all the similarities end. as long as you don’t need balannced (2.5mm or 4.4mm termination), IE800 will save you money . Sennheiser has fixed the original HD 800's Achilles' heel The HD 800 S is the result of Sennheiser following its users' example. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The HD 800 S are more comfortable for long listening sessions, have better build quality, and are better-balanced. The lower the impedance, the easier it is to get higher volume and requires less power. Incorporating the next evolutionary step after the groundbreaking IE 800 ear-canal headphones, the IE 800 S contains great technology within a very confined space. The Rundown > Over the past couple years, Sennheiser has been giving “S” (Apple-like) upgrades across its most notable lineup. X No utilice el producto si está obviamente deteriorado. Con un diámetro de tan sólo 7 mm, es actualmente el más pequeño transductor de sonido de banda extra ancha disponible en audífonos intraaurales y promete un sonido sin distorsión, funcionando incluso a altos niveles de presión sonora.

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