what are the main processes in project quality management?


(p315) a. Chart F. PRODUCT — The end objective.. Therefore, the project management team will have to pay detailed attention to this process of the project. Formal quality management is hard to implement. It takes time and a lot of work. This acts as an input to Quality Planning for a project. Quality is broadly defined as fitness for purpose. In business, customer satisfaction is key. It involves documenting how the project deliverables will adhere to the defined quality standards. Benchmarking is the comparison of planned or actual processes, practices, and operations to other comparable organizations. The project manager is expected to be aware of the best practices that are used for the project and is supposed to make sure that he or she adapts them to the use of project management. At project level quality management is mainly about the project’s products or services, and what makes them fit for the purpose of meeting clearly stated needs. The Three Main Processes for Project Quality Management According to PMBOK (as cited in [ CITATION Rev07 \l 1033 ]) the project quality management three main processes are quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control. Benchmarking . There are best practices, but they do not give any practical advice. As a customer’s main concern is the quality of the products or services they purchase, the supplier’s main goal should always be to ensure that what they produce is of consistent and fine quality. It contains the knowledge and processes required to ensure the highest quality products and deliverables are produced by the project. Failing to implement either of them will lead to failure of quality management in the project. Let's look at each process in more detail. It is focused on preventing problems being passed on to the internal or external customer. Quality improvement is a structured approach to evaluating the performance of systems and processes, then determining needed improvements in both functional and operational areas. Since these requirements and specifications can only be as clear and stable as the project goal(s) we now can define our main tasks for definition and planning phase: Having a plan with a sufficient level of details while still containing the necessary flexibility sets the stage for implementation and closure phase: Return from Project Management Process to Home Page. It also helps you to implement a Quality Assurance Process, to boost confidence in the quality of your outputs.. By implementing quality management in your organization, you can boost the quality of your deliverables and achieve total success. Successful efforts rely on the routine collection and analysis of data. To begin with, project quality management you need to understand several crucial concepts. As projects are unique, the approaches to quality management are also different. The second process of the PMP Time Management Knowledge area is Define activities process. Control quality involves activities used to evaluate whether the product or service meets quality requirements that are specified for the project.Quality control is very crucial in project management because it ensures that everything is within the scope of the project planning. Performing quality assurance c. Controlling quality 3) Why is quality assurance becoming more important? Textbook solution for Information Technology Project Management 8th Edition Kathy Schwalbe Chapter 8 Problem 2DQ. Moreover, there are numerous quality standards which are even more confusing and generalized. Using a Quality Management … Both processes are key components of a quality management plan and augment each other. Project Management Processes. Note that, project management processes are documented and controlled by the help of project management templates. And, we can use PMBOK practices to achieve these goals. This Quality Management Process will help you to improve the quality of your team deliverables. Using a Quality Management approach play a key role in assuring the project meets the customer requirements. Team management. This describes how the management is responsible for achieving the project quality. The requirements for quality are expressed in measurable terms and define acceptance criteria for the project.

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