whole house fan troubleshooting


The fan isn't operating at all. I hope you find it enlightening. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is the electric power connected and functioning? If the fan is getting power, determine whether the fan motor is working properly or not. Maintenance is usually not necessary for either a whole house fan or an attic exhaust fan. The average cost to repair a whole house fan is $300. There is a listing of some simple do it yourself repairs in the FAQs section below. A whole house fan refers to an oversize fan that is installed within an attic in order to bring in cool air from outside when the interior of the house is very hot. Whole-House Fan & Cooling Solutions in Fort Collins, Loveland & Greeley If you’re considering a whole-home fan system in the Fort Collins area, then you’ve come to the right place! OK, I loosened the set screws. There's a wiring diagram right on it. If you experience this problem, read the user manual to find out how you can activate the anti-hum function on the fan. Cut off … You can perform this task by reading the manual that came with the fan. When the new DL1036 was up there, I'm pretty sure that was right too. Loosening them is a test. http://www.ero-joint.com/sites/default/files/ero-joint/Belt-adjustment/belt-deflection-diagram.jpg, http://www.clark-transmission.com/images/pdf/techinfo/CARLISLE_VBELT_TENSIONING.PDF, http://www.greenheck.com/library/articles/83, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 14 Posts . I’m at my wits’ end here and would appreciate some help. One customer asked us to leave electrical wires exposed because he wanted an “industrial effect”. At Titus Electrical Services, our trusted Longmont electricians can install the perfect whole house fan solution to help you save energy and enjoy advanced technology that really works. A minimum of 30" of clearance above the whole-house fan blades is needed. I have really learnt that electrical installation is one area in which people should not take short-cuts or undertake home handiwork. Check for Power to Your Outlet. The RPMs aren't high enough it seems (and someone else is gonna ask me if the motor is wired correctly). Expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on the nature of your problem. 11. They don’t even think about it when they purchase the home, but once they are in the house A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. If none are present, then the sensor should be replaced. It is wired according to the diagram, the way it was for 15 years before I temporarily swapped in a new motor. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Another common problem that you may experience is that the fan may start then go off after a few minutes. Request a free online quote or give us a call today and find out about our installation deals! This may be because of insufficient attic ventilation or the sensor may be defective. Drawing cool fresh air in through open windows and exhausting hot stale air out through the roof vents, whole house fans create a fresh and comfortable living environment while they draw heat out of the structure to reduce air conditioning load for the next day. Whole house fans can provide effective natural cooling for a fraction of the energy cost of air conditioning. Check for blockages (like bird nests) in the attic vents. At Whole House Fans Orange County, we hire highly qualified technicians and encourage all our technicians to become NATE certified. The Fan Hums. Direct Drive Whole-House Fan is a smart energy saver for any home in a climate where air conditioning costs are a concern. What opens up the louvers - just the airflow? Some people move in to homes that have a whole house fan already. How to Troubleshoot a Whole-House Fan Step 1. Whole house fans can fail from time to time, requiring an emergency electrician to pass by and repair the fan. I won't really know what the numbers mean, so I will have to report back. The whole house fans takes hot air from the house and moves it up into the attic and out through the attic vents. I’m at my wits’ end here and would appreciate some help. This condition can occur when all windows, doors and openings of the home are closed – yet, the whole house fan is operating. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the wiring is right - the old motor is back in and wired the way it was for 15 years. A whole house fan is a type of ventilation system that creates a cycle of pressure, continually moving air … The fan pushes hot air out and pulls cool air into the house via windows or attic vents. After the attic fan has been in use for some time, it may develop problems. Learn More>> A fan motor that is burning out won't spin the fan blades fast enough to … QuietCool Trident Pro X. Safety, efficiency, aesthetics and costs all have to be taken into account. Otherwise, just call an emergency electrician from a company like Laser Electrical Greenwood to investigate the problem you are having. Before I started, I didn’t realise that there was so much involved in wiring a house or building. Try loosening them and see if it spins faster. Is A Timer Necessary With My QuietCool Whole House Fan System? Attic Fans do cool down a house in less than an hour. How long do attic fans last? For a standard whole house fan to work properly you need multiple windows open, but for a multi-room fan, you just need one window open. The manual will describe where the sensor is. Without this clearance, the air will be forced back through the shutter. Check that a whole-house fan is receiving electrical power when it doesn't work at all. Does the QuietCool Whole House Fan System Work During the Daytime? When you flip the switch to the on position, the fan blades jerk to start but then do nothing and the fan/motor just hums. At Lighten Up, our installers take pride in helping our clients get the best in the business, from product to services, so you can count on us to help you choose and install the ideal whole-house attic fan solution. If you notice that the motor of the whole house fan is running, yet its blades are not moving, the motor belt may have broken. Use the following information to identify what could be wrong so that you only call the emergency electrician when the problem is beyond your capacity to repair. Direct Drive Whole House Fan with Shutter The GAF Master Flow 4500 CFM 24 in. Fan is not working very well, not pulling in much air anymore . We replaced the belt but the fan is still not working. Most homeowners who have these fans use them at night to keep rooms cool. Fan itself seems to be working fine with manual turn on / turn off. Will The QuietCool Whole House Fan System Also Cool My Attic? After walking away from this for well over a week, I bit the bullet and was ready to replace the whole dang thing, so I went to HD and bought a new one. You can confirm this by observing whether there is anything hanging loose from the proximity of the fan blades.

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