why are they called bread and butter pickles


I've been making fermented pickles, but I haven't gotten the spices/herbs right yet. And a nice contrast to bread, cheese, peppers, etc. I call this recipe Granny’s Bread and Butter Pickles. I think probably during the depression which was directly prior to the war. White Flower Farms in Litchfield, Connecticut is famous for their annual spring sale featuring bread, butter, & cucumber sandwiches while people stroll the gardens. The story attached to the nameis that the Fannings survived rough years by making the pickles with their surplus of undersized cucumbers and bartering them with their grocer for staples such as bread and butter. Bread and Butter Pickles. Reply. I just looked in a couple of old cookbooks....and in the Boston cookbook 1942 edition, there was a recipe for bread and butter pickles....but in another edition dated 1914 there wasn't such a recipe.I think it unlikely that bread and butter pickles were a depression thing... and made it into a cook book that quickly. I’m making my favorite Bread and Butter Pickles. I've never seen them in Texas or the Southwest or Louisiana. Use proper brine strength and keep the product well-covered. The words "Bread & Butter" refer to the taste and not the preparation method. I loved this type of pickle growing up. So I was wondering why they are called bread and butter pickles. Some restaurants did that, too, although I cannot recall ever hearing how they were named. I grew up in central Illinois in the '40s loving bread and butter pickles on hamburgers. Cucumber Sandwiches are very British. albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft. I always have Bread and Butter Pickles on hand but never made a sandwich with just the Pickles . The best! Bread and butter pickles were served before meals with bread and butter. These bread and butter pickles are a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. In an old Raggedy Ann book I have, RA and Andy encounter some pirate girls who have stolen Babette the French doll. As a child I thought it odd, but perhaps it was a treat back when the book was written. "We have bread and butter and dill pickles!" Like bread and butter letters, bread and butter pickles were given as gifts to express thanks for hospitality. I have totally changed my mind about bread and butter pickles. Place the cucumber, onion and salt into a bowl stirring the salt to coat the vegetables. You will find them on the menu in restaurants or Tea Rooms serving Afternoon Tea. Posted by publickman (My Page) on Wed, Dec 21, 11 at 20:56I think they are mentioned in The Importance of Being Ernest. So after reading that, I tried some of these pickles on a piece of bread with some butter… they skite. So people used them in sandwiches of bread and butter because that’s all they could afford. My friend kept bringing me cucumbers so I gave these a try. In which one writer seeks to understand the Depression-era (maybe?) Tips for Canning Bread & Butter Pickles The tea garden in San Antonio was also originally Japanese. In any case, they … They’re also referred to as “new dills.” Sweet: These pickles are made in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, water, and spices. I don't know about other brands, because the exact flavor is probably important. The term bread and butter pickles actually comes from Sweden’s smorgasbord – which is a table of … They are, after all, very high in sodium and most of the calories in them come from added sugar. Judges called them "an essential ingredient for a great cheeseburger." He was hungry and ate them all up even though they were meant for his Aunt who was coming to visit. They are still served all over the country as "tea sandwiches". Bread & Butter - Sweet, thinly-sliced pickles made from cucumbers, onions and chopped green or red peppers. What a lost culture. Bread and butter pickles were invented by Omar and Cora Fanning in 1920 by a husband and wife farmer team in Illinois. Never saw cucumber sandwiches on a menu.....but often on a sandwich tray or on a plate with a salad.If you grew up in an Italian neighborhood in south Philly, likely you didn't ever see cucumber sandwiches...onion sandwiches were likely the thing. Always had to eat the savoury before the sweet at tea-time! Yes they are! Bread and butter pickles, unlike some other varieties, can be eaten within a few days of canning, and they do not require a lengthy time on the shelf to intensify their flavor. The pickles are safe to eat. Growing up, anything in the kitchen went on a sandwich for lunch, including leftover potatoes (sliced with mayo and mustard, salt and pepper, sort of tastes like potato salad) and even leftover pork and bean sandwiches. According to some sources, they were used as a common sandwich filling served with bread and butter during the Depression. Which they seriously thought were nutritious. I can't but I am shaking my head in disbelief, as my daughter asked the very same question last night! I used to grow watercress in my pond in Venice, but I never made sandwiches out of it, although I added it to sandwiches, as I did with arugula. Never saw anyone eating Cucumbers and Bread. I agree with sushi.....but think the term originated earlier than the depression.

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